When did you first hear about Guild Wars 2?

The things Nerdy Bookahs do on a Sunday evening (while watching the European football finale… go Spain!): We are trying to remember when we first heard about Guild Wars 2 and, more importantly, when we thought: “Wooooah, that’s something we definitely want to play!”

I know that Guild Wars has had a special place in my gaming-heart for quite a while and I remember thinking: “Guild Wars 2? Cool! The game I love, just as a real MMO!” Now I know, that Guild Wars 2 will not be like Guild Wars 1. It takes place in the same world, but so many things, game mechanics, etc. are different. I still am very much interested in it. Actually, I’m more interested than I ever was in Guild Wars 1 when I had first heard of its existence. I’m counting the days until its release because I can’t wait to finally be able to play it! And more importantly, Guild Wars 2 made me start my own blog which then led to Nerdy Bookahs’s creation.

What I don’t remember is when I realized what Guild Wars 2 will really be about and that I’ll want to play it. It’s probably just been a too long time since then. ;) But look at this. It’s the report from our GamesCom trip in 2010. As you can read there, our first trip inside was straight to the NCSoft booth to see Guild Wars 2. Last year, we did the same: We went straight to their booth. This means that before August 2010, we already knew we wanted to play Guild Wars 2. But what it was that caught our attention, we don’t remember. What it is now is easy to say: Asura! – Okay, maybe that’s not the whole picture. But this is also not the point of this short article.

Bookahnerk remembers reading about Guild Wars 1 not receiving more campaigns because ArenaNet announced they’re working on Guild Wars 2 instead. The next thing he remembers is us reading all the articles we could find about Guild Wars 2. ;)

What I’m curios about is: Do you remember? When did you first hear about the game? And what was it that told you “I need this game”?