Guest post: Joshua on Mobile MMOs

Everyone stop what you’re doing! I’m Joshua “Riknas” from Riknas Rants, and I have an important announcement to make. I have just taken both Paeroka and bookahnerk hostage at gunpoint keyboard point and taken over the Nerdy Bookahs blog. So now I am ransoming them for one million dollars email, WordPress, and RSS subscriptions to my blog. In the event that you choose not to pay the ransom visit my site, I can not guarantee their safety.

Any of these should work

In order to show the dedication I have to my cause, I am setting off a bomb presenting a guest post on mobile applications and their current relationship with online gaming. If you really want to capture the mood, I recommend you view this post from your smart phone. In the event you don’t actually have a smart phone, I suggest you steal one from someone else and then use their phone to view this post.

Naturally, one of the first things to look at would be the current existence of would me Mobile MMOs, or MMMOs if you will.

…Don’t actually call them that, it’s silly.

And you’ll never get to go there.

The first game to essentially kickstart the genre would most likely be Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios, who have apparently dedicated themselves to taking ownership of the word “Legends” by sticking it in the title of each of their games, all the while being declared the pioneers of MMM- er, I mean Mobile MMOs. Please note the fact that I said “kickstart” the genre instead of simply “start” the genre. No doubt some of you already know this, but Pocket Legends is not the pioneer game for the genre. Rather, prior to Pocket Legends, the studio watAgame (Yes, that’s actually how it’s spelled) had made their own Mobile MMO, “Era of Eidolon” that actually dates to before 2006, and could be used on nearly any Java phone. Whereas today we rely heavily on phone “dashboards” or touch screens, Era of Eidolon was actually made with a standard numbered keypad in mind. Talk about getting to the party early, right? However, Era of Eidolon had not lived long enough to see the release of any other Mobile MMOs, and watAgame has been heavily reformatted since then.

It is with that in mind I should point out how absolutely amazing it is to see the Mobile MMO market expand as much as it has. In just over two years the number of Mobile MMOs has skyrocketed from one to over sixteen. Even the MMO explosion that came from World of Warcraft’s success pales in comparison to how quickly this genre has grown. Already, they have managed to fill out the different methods of game play, art style, and payment models. However, don’t let all those shiny and tiny games fool you into thinking they own the smartphone platform all to themselves, because the other MMOs know how to keep a presence there as well.

Blizzard, Cryptic, Icarus, Encylcopedia Britannica. At first, this may look like a list of MMOs. And…y’know, that’s pretty accurate, except for that last one. I’m not entirely sure how that link got in there.

But, that’s not all it is. It’s also the list of studios that made mobile apps to go along with their MMOs…except for Encyclopedia Britannica, but forget those guys. They suck.

Anyway, in today’s age, nearly everyone has a smart phone. And the people with those smart phones have plenty of ways to keep themselves busy what with all those apps they can play and work with. And seeing as how Mobile MMMOs have been progressing so rapidly, it’s not unreasonable to say they could start giving regular MMOs a run for their money. Because of that, it’s wise for regular MMOs to make sure they can maintain a presence on your borderline magical hand-held device.

Blizzard makes sure that you can keep a little piece of WoW with you wherever you go with their app, “World Of Warcraft Mobile Armory” which is described as, “…A portable reference that helps you keep track of your characters, access the Auction House, plan your adventures, and keep up with the activities of your guild.”

Similarly, the “Champions Companion” and cleverly named, “Fallen Earth Companion App” also help you keep track of your character and friends list, along with some minor differences. The great thing about them is that along with being a useful tool for subscribers and people trying out the game, it also acts as a minor advertisement for the game itself.

Of course, sometimes the game company doesn’t even need to bother, because their dedicated fans decided to do it for them. Surprisingly, Dungeons and Dragons Online has two such fan apps, one being “DDO Library” and the other, “DDO Herald” although both appear to have been made by the same user. Meanwhile, with the help of CCP’s “API” system which essentially offered “limited” and “full” access to character information, EVE Online has a huge number of smart phone apps and even regular computer programs dedicated to helping people keep track of their skills, ships, and even maps to help plot the safest or shortest routes through space. Even I used the iClone app for a good while for when I was subscribed to the game.

Although we may play MMOs on our computers, don’t neglect what you can put in the palm of your hand. Check out apps for your favorite online game, or be bold and try a smartphone MMO.

Riknas, defusing the bombs signing off!

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6 comments on “Guest post: Joshua on Mobile MMOs
  1. paeroka says:

    Ha, I feel weird answering to the post I posted myself. ;)

    Anyway. I do have a smartphone. I’ve never tried out any mobile MMOs, though. On the other hand, I spend enough time on social networks (Twitter and G+) while on my way to work and back home. I don’t think another time waster would be good for me. ;) Same with MMO apps, though. I know they want to do them to keep us “connected” and give us the feeling we’re part of the big community, but oooh, even my time away from the PC can now be spent with my guild(s). We’re never going to be separated again. Is that a good thing, I wonder… ;)


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  3. Rakuno says:

    Well, I am one of those people who doesn’t have a smart phone… I do have a cell phone but it is a much simpler one. Since I barely use it, it fits my needs pretty well.

    However when I see articles like this I can’t stop feeling like I am missing a whole world because of it. It tempts me to buy a smart phone just to explore this different world but then I stop to think and just feel silly to want to buy a cell phone to do a lot of things but calling people with it becomes an after thought.

    *sighs* Life some times is so complicated…

    By the way, Paeroka, I like the “Other Sites to Read” image to the left. It was a pretty nifty and elegant idea. :)


    • paeroka says:

      Thank you! :) Took me some time to come up with an idea. Just having a link there that says “look here for other cool blogs” didn’t look right as it could be lost within all the other stuff on there.

      I didn’t have a smartphone until I took a job that requires me to travel. Not much and not far but with the public transportation system and it’s just a lot nicer to be able to look up which connections I can use. I’m also on a train/bus for about 3 hours every day. It’s much less boring this way! ;) But I don’t think I’d have a smartphone otherwise. They’re cool but the battery is empty after one day. *sigh*


      • Rakuno says:

        It is sort of the same here. To get anywhere from my home that isn’t the local bakery or newspaper stand it takes about a hour with bus or bus plus subway. Unfortunately I know that wouldn’t be a good way for me to pass the time since I would be too self-conscious. I tried to read a book or listen to music while in the bus and subway once and I just couldn’t relax. So I just stick to my usual method of let my mind wander to pass the time. :x

        Oddly enough I don’t have the same problem while waiting for an appointment at the dentist or a medic. I can just pick up a magazine to browse while waiting without any issue. O_o;;


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