We present the winners (Torchlight Giveaway)

I’ve only prepared half of this post (sans the winners, of course) before the Guild Wars 2 stress test begins. I just like drawing the winners as close to the deadline for entering the giveaway as possible because I always assume that people are watching our blog like a hawk when we have a giveaway… ;)

I’ve also checked the list twice to make sure everything up till now is correct and I have gone through our spam folder. Everything’s ready. All that’s missing is the drawing of the winner…

Before I tell you who has won, I am going through the “statistics”. 33 people participated. One person named two favorite pets, all others named one. The most popular pet is the hawk with 10 votes! I wouldn’t have guessed that, so it was surprising to see. The ferret follows closely as it got 8 1/2 votes. Panther comes third with 5 1/2. Cat (4), wolf (3), bulldog (1) and chakawary (1) followed behind. Nobody chose the papillon. Poor thing. :(

So now that we have the winners of the popularity contest, let’s get on to the winners of this giveaway. All 33 participants entered the Torchlight 2 giveaway. Not really surprising. ;) 16 also entered for Torchlight 1. As previously written, we will first draw the winner for Torchlight 2 and that person cannot win Torchlight 1 as well as we want to see two winners today! ;)

As always, we’re using dice to decide for a winner. The dice theoretically go from 0 to 99. We have neither 0 nor anything above 33, so in those cases, of course, we roll until we get a number that wins. Yes, I know there are random number generators online but I still think this is more fun! Anyway, on to presenting the winners.

Torchlight 2 has won: no. 14 – Congratulations, Ankeus

Torchlight 1 has won: no. 13 – Congratulations, Hyperion

I will contact the winners shortly.

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