GW2: 84 miniatures and their idle animations

Bookahnerk spent the second BWE trying to get as many miniatures as possible. Having a global* trading post helped a lot here. He was able to get almost all of those that were available except for Mini Ragar Shardhammer, Mini Skam Darkhoof and Mini Zojja (*sob* I would have loved to see her!).

Out of the humanoid minis, only a handful are female, by the way. For example, there are 11 male humans, 1 male human ghost and one female human, whose icon shows a man. We have 8 male norn miniatures and one female, Eir. Keep in mind that this is beta and I actually expect about 10 more female human minis and 7 more female norn minis to appear before launch. Everything else would be very weird, especially considering that the minis are really just that: Minis. Miniature versions of the character models that we use for playing ourselves. There’s no new art associated with it, I assume. Also, some minis don’t have proper animations yet. I’m not going to repeat the b-word here. ;) But we can see that the game is not ready yet as there are still things that need to be fixed… details, maybe, but still.

Anyway, it’s great to see how many there already are and I can’t wait to start collecting them all!

* By the way: Is it global or region-restricted (as in: Europe, USA,…)?