Guild Wars: The end of the Hall of Monuments

On Wednesday, I finally reached 30 out of 50 points in the Hall of Monuments. So for me, this part is finished and I don’t think I’ll ever take a look at it again. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and that they gave us something as a reward in Guild Wars 2. However, it’s just not my usual playstyle. Especially when it comes to Guild Wars.

Let me elaborate… I think I have mentioned it before that when I started with Guild Wars, I used this game to get away from annoying people. Most of them were from World of Warcraft at that time. ;) There I was, happily fishing in the Barrens, when I would get a message from somebody asking me to join raid X or come to instance Z. I declined and they wanted to know what I was doing in the Barrens (I played Alliance, though not by free will). Most people I knew in the game were understanding, but some were confused by my choice: Why would I prefer such a boring task over going raiding? The answer is easy: Because I do. What Guild Wars offers me is great: The whole content is open to me without requiring playing with other people. The most important part here is: I can play with others, but I don’t have to!

When the Hall of Monuments was announced, I thought it was a great idea. But I soon realized that in order to get all 30 points, I would have to stop playing the way I did (trying out the different classes, for example) and start focusing on things that give me points. So instead of levelling all characters to 20 like I had originally intended, I now had to do something that gave me enough platinum to buy elite armor. It led to me quitting the game, more or less. Whenever I logged on and felt like doing something, I had the feeling that I was wasting my time and should rather do something that gives me HoM points (a bit like the raid and the fishing above, only that my own wish to get those HoM points equal the raid leader here ^^). This may sound whiny and complaining but it isn’t. What I want to say with this is that instead, bookahnerk started farming areas for platinum (and using the German out-of-game auction house) and he gave me whatever he could, so that I could buy the things I needed (like the elite armor) to get those HoM points. He has reached 30 quite some time ago, by the way, but after that, he helped me reach them as well. I still did things myself, of course, but he helped me out so much because he knows I really wanted those HoM points (I really wanted the Rockfur Raccoon!).

And last week, I was only missing two more points. I had everything I needed for the Vabbi armor, I just had to get my necromancer’s behind over there. On top of that, I needed one more elite armor, so we chose the cheapest one and bought that as well. Then the last thing I needed was three more hero armor pieces (I had farmed the first ones myself, by the way. Everything that had to be achieved by playing, I did myself!) and so, bookahnerk joined me and helped me play the last few missions through Eye of the North. Here I am now, with 30 HoM points and after reaching those, I have started playing the game again. Because now, I play because I want to and I can do whatever I want to do without feeling like I was wasting my time. Oh, and my future ranger will have that cute cuddly spider as a companion!

I really loved seeing the Great Destroyer! I had tried my best not to read too much about the story in Eye of the North and I tried not to connect the dots between this and what we know has happened and will happen until Guild Wars 2. Seeing all this now makes me even more excited about Guild Wars 2. I am really curious to see how the story will evolve and what we will do to advance it. Or, more likely, what the game designers will allows us to see and do that will further develop the story. ;)