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Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (June 30, 2012)

Welcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about miscellaneous interesting news related to gaming (will most likely include at least one piece about Guild Wars 2 ^^).

The infamous June 28 came and went, but it finally brought us a release date. Do I need to even repeat it? I’m just going to link to the official announcement (and add: August 28, 2012! Just in case you’ve been offline for too long and actually did miss it). It’s so much earlier than I thought! I was counting on October or November. Now, with some luck, I may even get some time off work because it’s also a few days before my birthday and I could just enjoy the game and my birthday without having to worry about work-related stuff.

There is another Lore Tower Talk on the German fansite Fortunately for you, English-speaking readers, it’s all in English! And it’s about the Sylvari this time. I haven’t had the time yet to listen to it, but I definitely will do it because all of those Tower Talks have been great so far. If you don’t feel like listening, there is already an English transcript available – and a translation into German if you prefer that.

Yesterday, I finally got around to redesigning our former “Blogroll”. It used to be just a list but that looked boring. Head over to the Recommended Reading page and have a look yourself! There are lots of great blogs and fansites, all about Guild Wars 2 and/or other MMOs. If you want to be listed there, contact us. And if you find that we didn’t include your logo – or caught the wrong one – contact us as well, so we can change that.

We have also had our first guest post yesterday by Joshua about mobile MMOs. If you want to read more from him, head over to his blog.

Last but not least, Werit has been working on Dev Spy which is an aggregator for different games’ developer posts. It currently features games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings Online, etc. He is still improving the website, so leave your feedback there if you have some.

First Impressions: The Secret World

I have tried The Secret World during the last two beta weekend events. This post is not a review. It is about my first impressions of the game and thus, much too incomplete for a review. But just fine as a “first impressions” piece. :)

For once, I had not read up on every available detail before playing the game for the first time. I have also not looked up that much. However, I did use Google a few times to try and figure out a few riddles in the game, including one quest where the quest text told me to do A while I actually had to do B. It happens during a beta, I guess.

The character creation process was quite nice. While I would have liked a few more choices in the way the actual character looks (you know, noses, eyebrows, hair styles, chin size and all that), there was an abundance of clothing to choose from. This is especially important as I haven’t seen a single other piece of clothing drop while playing the game. But as I said, there was lots of stuff to choose from and I spent lots of time in that character creation screen. I assume other clothing options will be available later on and you’ll probably be able to buy more outfits in their store (the game has a monthly sub and a cash shop).

You can choose one of three factions: Dragon, Templar or Illuminati. I had wanted to choose Dragon first but when the time came to make a decision, I decided for Illuminati instead. It’s very nice that when you decide for the faction, you can watch all three “faction trailers” that tell you who they are. I later made another character and chose Dragon this time. They all appear in the same starting area, so if that’s what you’re worried about, then this shouldn’t be your deciding factor. I still liked the atmosphere of Dragons more, though. There is a little starter tutorial zone where you’re introduced to your faction and the characters in there were far more memorable. By the way, I deliberately leave out any story details. ;)

So without talking about the story, let’s move on to the next topic: The sounds. I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot and it was just so fitting to the atmosphere they want to create with their game. If you want to learn more about the atmosphere, watch this trailer about Kingsmouth (which, yes, includes parts about the game’s story), the town you start in. And here you can listen to the game’s main theme. I fell in love with the game right there. Right when I heard this song before even getting into the game. I knew I was intrigued, interested and fascinated. A game that has such a sound… there has to be something about it!

The voice overs in the game are just as brilliant as the music. The voice actors do not sound like they’re reading a script without knowing what it’s all about. It sounded natural and just like people talk to each other (“I looked it up on Google”). However, there is one bad thing and this is one of my main critiques: The graphics and the animations aren’t on par. Instead, they feel dull and a bit stiff. But more about that later.

While the voice overs were great, my own character wasn’t just a bit too quiet – not a single word was spoken by her during any of the cut scenes. No utterance at all. But what’s worse is that I also didn’t hear any sounds coming from her during combat (you know, those sounds you get to hear when your character is hit… “oompf” or whatever – or when he/she hits somebody). Your own character is 100% silent, at all times. Not a single muscle moved in her face while people told her about the bad happenings in the town. Your character is without any expression. While I loved the voice overs and liked the facial expressions of the NPCs during cut scenes, I sat here in front of the PC wondering if my character was just brainless (zombies!) or didn’t care at all. One NPC even made fun of her asking if she’s the “quiet type” because she isn’t speaking.

On to the actual gameplay. I mentioned the stiff animations. I mean, they’re not really bad but they certainly didn’t impress me. The animations during combat/while executing skills didn’t bother me too much, but the lack of facial expressions were a lot worse. All in all, my character really did feel emotin- and lifeless. And what’s with the stiff neck? My character and all of the others around me kept stretching and rubbing their necks. Weird. On top of that, while I liked the lack of levels and the skill-wheel, the combat itself was rather bland. It’s the same old hitting-numbers game that you know from other games. In this case, it seemed to be a choice between ranged physical combat, melee combat and magic combat. Once again, I realized how theoretically, I love magic but when it comes to the actual “fun factor”, I just really love melee (in this case, my Dragon-faction character fought with a katana while my Illuminati-character fought with blood magic which just didn’t excite me much).

What I liked was the lack of “tagging mobs”, at least when it came to boss monters. I didn’t pay attention to regular mobs. For instance, there was a quest that had you follow ravens. They appeared and when you got close, they flew away and you had to follow again. I did it with another player and while we weren’t in a group, we always both got credit for each stage, including the boss at the end. The same happened with another boss at the end of a quest chain where I came to the fight after another player had started. I joined and finished the quest as well in the end. This is something really important for me because it just helps players playing together instead of against each other. I’m surprised how many MMOs haven’t gotten that until today.

The quests were refreshingly different. There were “kill ten rats” quests – who were, in this case, zombies, of course – but there were also riddle quests where you actually had to think. In one case, I found something on the floor… well, to be honest, it belonged to a dead woman. I forgot what it actually was. In the end, it led me to having a device (was it a mobile phone? I really should take notes!) where I had to enter a PIN. I was given a clue and then went to search for it. Again, I’m being deliberately vague here… ooooh, I should have said that earlier! Would have saved me the embarrassment of admitting that I have no idea what device it was… ;) Anyway, I was about to give up, because I’m being impatient, when I saw that the answer had been right in front of me the whole time and I just hadn’t noticed it. Also, it didn’t take me long to see Illuminati-signs everywhere.

I do want to find out what’s happening in Kingsmouth and I want to find out what lays beyond the fog. On the other hand, I grew tired of zombies pretty quickly. I’m not such a big fan of them and the whole horror genre. I enjoy it once in a while, but in small doses, please.

Another thing is that this game could have been a single player game and I doubt I would have noticed a difference. Now I actually really enjoy playing on my own while being able to communicate with others or just randomly bump into them. So it’s not really that much of a deal for me, but it might be for you. On the other hand, I guess we’re not at the point anymore where “MMO” means you are required to group all of the time in order to get anywhere.

TL;DR (or “conclusion” if you prefer that):

I’m not saying it’s a good game. I’m not saying it’s a bad game. But for me, right now, it’s not the game I want to play. Sounds, ambience, voice overs and riddle-quests are things that I really enjoyed. The monthly sub and cash shop on top of it, the lack of animations and the rather dull combat were boring to me. Additionally, while I liked the change of scenery, I’m just not a big enough fan of zombies to justify the monthly sub.

Guest post: Joshua on Mobile MMOs

Everyone stop what you’re doing! I’m Joshua “Riknas” from Riknas Rants, and I have an important announcement to make. I have just taken both Paeroka and bookahnerk hostage at gunpoint keyboard point and taken over the Nerdy Bookahs blog. So now I am ransoming them for one million dollars email, WordPress, and RSS subscriptions to my blog. In the event that you choose not to pay the ransom visit my site, I can not guarantee their safety.

Any of these should work

In order to show the dedication I have to my cause, I am setting off a bomb presenting a guest post on mobile applications and their current relationship with online gaming. If you really want to capture the mood, I recommend you view this post from your smart phone. In the event you don’t actually have a smart phone, I suggest you steal one from someone else and then use their phone to view this post.

Naturally, one of the first things to look at would be the current existence of would me Mobile MMOs, or MMMOs if you will.

…Don’t actually call them that, it’s silly.

And you’ll never get to go there.

The first game to essentially kickstart the genre would most likely be Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios, who have apparently dedicated themselves to taking ownership of the word “Legends” by sticking it in the title of each of their games, all the while being declared the pioneers of MMM- er, I mean Mobile MMOs. Please note the fact that I said “kickstart” the genre instead of simply “start” the genre. No doubt some of you already know this, but Pocket Legends is not the pioneer game for the genre. Rather, prior to Pocket Legends, the studio watAgame (Yes, that’s actually how it’s spelled) had made their own Mobile MMO, “Era of Eidolon” that actually dates to before 2006, and could be used on nearly any Java phone. Whereas today we rely heavily on phone “dashboards” or touch screens, Era of Eidolon was actually made with a standard numbered keypad in mind. Talk about getting to the party early, right? However, Era of Eidolon had not lived long enough to see the release of any other Mobile MMOs, and watAgame has been heavily reformatted since then.

It is with that in mind I should point out how absolutely amazing it is to see the Mobile MMO market expand as much as it has. In just over two years the number of Mobile MMOs has skyrocketed from one to over sixteen. Even the MMO explosion that came from World of Warcraft’s success pales in comparison to how quickly this genre has grown. Already, they have managed to fill out the different methods of game play, art style, and payment models. However, don’t let all those shiny and tiny games fool you into thinking they own the smartphone platform all to themselves, because the other MMOs know how to keep a presence there as well.

Blizzard, Cryptic, Icarus, Encylcopedia Britannica. At first, this may look like a list of MMOs. And…y’know, that’s pretty accurate, except for that last one. I’m not entirely sure how that link got in there.

But, that’s not all it is. It’s also the list of studios that made mobile apps to go along with their MMOs…except for Encyclopedia Britannica, but forget those guys. They suck.

Anyway, in today’s age, nearly everyone has a smart phone. And the people with those smart phones have plenty of ways to keep themselves busy what with all those apps they can play and work with. And seeing as how Mobile MMMOs have been progressing so rapidly, it’s not unreasonable to say they could start giving regular MMOs a run for their money. Because of that, it’s wise for regular MMOs to make sure they can maintain a presence on your borderline magical hand-held device.

Blizzard makes sure that you can keep a little piece of WoW with you wherever you go with their app, “World Of Warcraft Mobile Armory” which is described as, “…A portable reference that helps you keep track of your characters, access the Auction House, plan your adventures, and keep up with the activities of your guild.”

Similarly, the “Champions Companion” and cleverly named, “Fallen Earth Companion App” also help you keep track of your character and friends list, along with some minor differences. The great thing about them is that along with being a useful tool for subscribers and people trying out the game, it also acts as a minor advertisement for the game itself.

Of course, sometimes the game company doesn’t even need to bother, because their dedicated fans decided to do it for them. Surprisingly, Dungeons and Dragons Online has two such fan apps, one being “DDO Library” and the other, “DDO Herald” although both appear to have been made by the same user. Meanwhile, with the help of CCP’s “API” system which essentially offered “limited” and “full” access to character information, EVE Online has a huge number of smart phone apps and even regular computer programs dedicated to helping people keep track of their skills, ships, and even maps to help plot the safest or shortest routes through space. Even I used the iClone app for a good while for when I was subscribed to the game.

Although we may play MMOs on our computers, don’t neglect what you can put in the palm of your hand. Check out apps for your favorite online game, or be bold and try a smartphone MMO.

Riknas, defusing the bombs signing off!

We present the winners (Torchlight Giveaway)

I’ve only prepared half of this post (sans the winners, of course) before the Guild Wars 2 stress test begins. I just like drawing the winners as close to the deadline for entering the giveaway as possible because I always assume that people are watching our blog like a hawk when we have a giveaway… ;)

I’ve also checked the list twice to make sure everything up till now is correct and I have gone through our spam folder. Everything’s ready. All that’s missing is the drawing of the winner…

Before I tell you who has won, I am going through the “statistics”. 33 people participated. One person named two favorite pets, all others named one. The most popular pet is the hawk with 10 votes! I wouldn’t have guessed that, so it was surprising to see. The ferret follows closely as it got 8 1/2 votes. Panther comes third with 5 1/2. Cat (4), wolf (3), bulldog (1) and chakawary (1) followed behind. Nobody chose the papillon. Poor thing. :(

So now that we have the winners of the popularity contest, let’s get on to the winners of this giveaway. All 33 participants entered the Torchlight 2 giveaway. Not really surprising. ;) 16 also entered for Torchlight 1. As previously written, we will first draw the winner for Torchlight 2 and that person cannot win Torchlight 1 as well as we want to see two winners today! ;)

As always, we’re using dice to decide for a winner. The dice theoretically go from 0 to 99. We have neither 0 nor anything above 33, so in those cases, of course, we roll until we get a number that wins. Yes, I know there are random number generators online but I still think this is more fun! Anyway, on to presenting the winners.

Torchlight 2 has won: no. 14 – Congratulations, Ankeus

Torchlight 1 has won: no. 13 – Congratulations, Hyperion

I will contact the winners shortly.

Guild Wars 2: Hoelbrak Screenshot Gallery

With Hoelbrak, the series of screenshot galleries is finished… for now. As soon as they let us into Rata Sum or The Grove, me and my print-hitting finger will be back! ;) Unfortunately, Hoelbrak was also the most boring one for me to go through. As the wiki entry says, Hoelbrak is basically a hunting lodge that became the biggest settlement. When you go into Hoelbrak expecting a settlement, it’s alright, I guess. But I went there after having been to Divinity’s Reach and it was a bit disappointing because the latter is a city/town and Hoelbrak… isn’t. The colours in the sky are still amazing, though. I always love regions like that in MMOs, especially during the summer. ;) All in all, it was a bit too much ice and blue at once for me. Anyway, here it is, the last screenshot gallery (for now!).

It took me quite some time to take all those screenshots, sort through them and upload them here. However, they’re not just for looking. If you want to use them (e.g., as a desktop wallpaper, for fanart, in your blog,…) feel free to do so – as long as it complies with ArenaNet’s copyright, of course, and you’re not saying it was you who took those screenshots. ;)

GW2: 84 miniatures and their idle animations

Bookahnerk spent the second BWE trying to get as many miniatures as possible. Having a global* trading post helped a lot here. He was able to get almost all of those that were available except for Mini Ragar Shardhammer, Mini Skam Darkhoof and Mini Zojja (*sob* I would have loved to see her!).

Out of the humanoid minis, only a handful are female, by the way. For example, there are 11 male humans, 1 male human ghost and one female human, whose icon shows a man. We have 8 male norn miniatures and one female, Eir. Keep in mind that this is beta and I actually expect about 10 more female human minis and 7 more female norn minis to appear before launch. Everything else would be very weird, especially considering that the minis are really just that: Minis. Miniature versions of the character models that we use for playing ourselves. There’s no new art associated with it, I assume. Also, some minis don’t have proper animations yet. I’m not going to repeat the b-word here. ;) But we can see that the game is not ready yet as there are still things that need to be fixed… details, maybe, but still.

Anyway, it’s great to see how many there already are and I can’t wait to start collecting them all!

* By the way: Is it global or region-restricted (as in: Europe, USA,…)?

Torchlight 1 + 2 Giveaway

The giveaway has ended. I’ll disallow comments. Give me a bit to roll the winners. :)

Some time ago, we bought the Torchlight 2 game on Steam. If you buy it there, you get Torchlight 1 for free as well. We’ve got one extra copy of both games now. I am not sure how Torchlight 1 + 2 work exactly, but I would assume that since they are game keys we got from Steam, you will need a Steam account. Please keep that in mind when participating here!

To clarify: You can enter to win ONE code for Torchlight 2 or ONE code for Torchlight 1.

The rules

1. We will first “roll” (we usually use dice) the Torchlight 2 winner. After that, everybody EXCEPT for the winner of Torchlight 2 will have a chance to win Torchlight 1. This means that when you comment, please tell us which part of the giveaway you want to participate in:
a) Torchlight 2 and, in case you don’t win Torchlight 2, you want to be considered for Torchlight 1
b) You only want to participate for Torchlight 2
c) You only want to participate for Torchlight 1

2. In order to participate, please leave a comment and answer the following question: Which Torchlight 2 pet is your favourite?

There are the following pets to choose from: bulldog, cat, chakawary, ferret (my personal favorite! Mentioning this one will not give you a better chance at winning, though ^^), hawk, panther, wolf or papillon (can’t be seen in the video as it was revealed later).

3. Leave a valid email address (doesn’t have to be the one you use for Steam) when commenting. It will only be used by us for contacting the winner and nothing else! The best way to do that is to enter said email address into the “email” field. We can see that address but nobody else will be able to see it (if you instead put it into the body of your comment, everybody will see it)!

4. From all answers, we will randomly draw the winner who we will then contact to make sure that their email address is valid and once the winner has replied, we will send them the code.

5. One entry per person (IP addresses are always logged by when somebody comments)! We reserve the right to exclude entries when we think you’re trying to cheat by entering multiple times. Stay fair, please. :) Also, people commenting on our blog for the first time won’t see their comment appear immediately. We’ll have to approve them manually, so please be patient. We will also regularly look at our spam folder to make sure nobody’s entry gets missed. ;)

6. No debating about the outcome! We will draw randomly and everybody who comments with an answer to our question has the same chance of winning. :)

7. The Giveaway is open for comments/participants until Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 7pm Berlin Time (we’re UTC +2/CEST).

Please only participate if you don’t have Torchlight 2 yet (and/or Torchlight 1, of course).