NBI: Time to say goodbye

It’s the last day of May which means that the Newbie Blogger Initiative will be over on midnight. It’s been a very interesting month and I got to read what other bloggers had to share. While I have been around for a long time (more than one year with Nerdy Bookahs and a very long time with a personal blog), I still learned a lot and even heard answers to questions I had never thought of asking myself until now.

Once again, thank you, Syp, for hosting the NBI! I don’t know how long the forums are going to be around but there is so much information for new bloggers. Be sure to check it out!

If you want to have a look at all the new blogs, Syp posted them in his blog today. The same post also lists all the entries we have written about the NBI with lots of advice, rants, etc.

Also, we wanted to add that while we’re not advertising for it, Nerdy Bookahs is open for guest blog entries. If you feel the urge to write something for us, contact us through the different means we offer (you know, G+, Twitter, email) and we can set something up for you (that is, when you want your entry to be posted here. We’re not going to tell you what you need to write, of course).

Now I can only wave and say goodbye to this initiative. If we’ve been able to encourage you to get a blog on your own, we have certainly done a great job. And if we haven’t but you’d actually like to start your own blog, we’re all still here (I’ll take the liberty of speaking for all sponsor blogs now ^^) for further advice, answering questions and maybe even for encouraging you. Just because the NBI ends now doesn’t mean we won’t welcome any more new bloggers! ;)

Edit: I just saw that Syp encouraged us to repost the list. I’m going to concentrate on the new bloggers and will repost this list here now. If you want to have a look at the advice posts, please go visit Syp’s blog (I linked to the entry above). :)

New blogs to check out:


  1. It was very fun and I am glad I participated on it. If there is another edition of this in future years, I will be sure to participate again. :)


    1. It definitely was! I also liked getting insight into what other bloggers do, etc. I mean, we read lots of blogs before we started our own blog. But we never actually talked about how others are doing things. The first time I did that was during the EU Fan Day where I got to speak with other people (mostly DutchSunshine from GuildMag, Tasha Darke and also Kronos from a German fansite).

      Some kind of regulars’ table would be great where we exchange stories and so on. Hehehe. ^^


      1. Indeed! I love that kind of thing too and I doubt I would have gotten to experiment it if it wasn’t for the NBI!

        And yeah, a regular’s table to discuss our experiences writing blogs would be fun! :)


  2. I might be able to come up with a guest post, perhaps in two languages. I am currently travelling and only able to stumble along using my android. More thoughts about this on Sunday. Note to self: Gaming abroad and watching what the Germans are doing


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