Playing the embermage in Torchlight 2

Since I haven’t had enough time yet and the beta test is still ongoing, I haven’t been able to write my First Impressions piece on Torchlight 2 (the fact that I’m still playing it should tell you something, though ^^).

So instead, I’ll leave you with a video of me playing the embermage on normal difficulty against General Grell. Spoiler alert as I also recorded handing in the quest at the end! It took me about 45 seconds longer to beat the boss on veteran difficulty, by the way. I made a video of that, too, but won’t show it because I had a stereotypical blonde moment and always miss-cast a spell to a place with no enemies… *embarrassed* (which could mean that the 45 seconds longer aren’t an accurate comparison ^^).


  1. The Embermage is my favorite class too. I can’t wait for the full game to come out so I can play through the rest of the story with my Embermage!

    How are you liking the frost tree? I went for the Inferno tree, it’s very fun and very powerful.


    1. I like slowing and stunning the enemies, but I’m not sure if the frozen area after General Grell (forgot its name… frozen-something) doesn’t feature too many mobs that don’t take much ice damage. At least, I got the feeling that I could kill all of them (not just the gels) a lot faster with fire which made me not die that often (I never died until I’d reached that area – on veteran mode now).


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