Guild Wars 2: Stress Test Fun in WvW

On May 14, ArenaNet had a second stress test for Guild Wars 2. After being in the loading screen, stuck at 95%, for about 10 – 15 minutes, I got into the game and didn’t have any problems at all anymore. Weird. ;) But maybe Monday evening wasn’t the perfect time for a stress test because lots of people have to work and can’t devote time to that. Saturday could have been a better choice or even Friday. At least, if they wanted to test the login servers. Either that or they have managed to improve their systems greatly (I certainly wouldn’t mind that ^^). Nevertheless, I was really tired and didn’t stay long in the game.

The first thing I did was take a few screenshots that I was missing for a post that I still haven’t written. Oh well. It’s yet another draft that may never get published. I semi-regularly look at all my drafts and delete a few, so there are never too many around. ;) Then I went to Lion’s Arch to have a look at the fountain there. The first time I saw it, I immediately noticed the little figures in the water… ships and sea dragons. But the rhythm of the “water spits” being passed from fish to fish is also fascinating… and it does make almost relaxing sounds. I watched it for a few minutes. This time, I just took a video of the sequence. So, in case you haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet, here it is:

And then I got bored. What do I do now? I’ve seen all there is to see (well, not really, of course. But I’ve seen dynamic events, I’ve seen structured PvP, I’ve been sight-seeing in town,…). The only thing still missing was WvW. And even though I was very tired, I jumped into the action. And that’s what you get to see in the video: A casual player who’s tired from work trying to find some fast and fun action. And that, I did find! ^^ I’m definitely not playing well because – did I already say I was tired? ;) But I didn’t upload it to show the world how great of a PvP player I am. I uploaded it so people can get a feeling for what WvW may be like when you log on and jump into the action without first getting a team together, strategizing etc. In other words: Watch me shoot down a gate! ^^

I didn’t know my way around on the map, so I went to where bookahnerk said he had seen players from one of the two enemy realms. I’m fighting only with my gun because ranged seemed like the best option. As you can see, it takes quite a while to get a gate down. A ram can help a lot with that! Make sure to always carry a few supplies (I think 10 is max per player) with you in case somebody wants to build a siege weapon.

As you can see, I spent most of my time attacking the gate, looking around and just trying to scare the enemies away from the pinnacles, so they would stop attacking those of us who stood on the ground attacking the gate. ;) I also tried to figure out when an enemy was “obstructed” and where they had to stand on the walls, so I could successfully attack them in ranged combat. I know that I’ll definitely enjoy playing my warrior with a rifle!

What I took away from that short trip to WvW is that you can get some “fast action” in WvW as well. Of course, once the servers are up and we’ve been playing for a longer time on our “real home servers”, it may be different and we might need guilds and fellow group players to be successful out there. But for this short time (all in all, I was only in WvW for half an hour), it was lots of fun. It’s just too bad I didn’t get much direct combat with other players. But for that to happen, I guess we shouldn’t have a gate between us. ;)