NBI: Why haven’t you started your blog yet?

It’s now May 13 and the Newbie Blogger Initiative has been around for 13 days already. Maybe you haven’t heard about this initiative before. Syp from BioBreak started the Newbie Blogger Initiative trying to encourage potential new bloggers to start blogging now. He invited those who have been blogging for a bit longer already to “sponsor”, that is, to help with advice, tips or answer questions that new bloggers may have. The official forum has lists of sponsors, new blogs, and a lot of advice already. Check it out if you want to know more! In case you already know about this initiative and you are interested in blogging: May I know why you haven’t started a blog yet?

Maybe you’d really love to “do something like that” but writing isn’t your thing? There’s more than “just blogs”. You may not be a blogger but what about doing a vlog? Let me link you to two examples: Angerina and TriggerSad – those two videos should be the first ones they uploaded. Maybe that can serve as an inspiration for you. :) Both have more than this one video up, so go check them out if you like! You can also see that they have different approaches. But maybe you don’t care about the visual part, then a podcast could be better for you. GuildMag recently started one. Or have a look at Casual Stroll to Mordor and their podcast. As you can see, there are lots of things you can do to talk about your passion.

But maybe you really love writing and would love to start a blog… if only you didn’t worry about so many other things. One thing that I’m pretty sure a lot of people are concerned about is whether the world needs yet another blogger. If you look at the forums and see how many newbie bloggers “checked in”, you can see an overwhelming 113 posts indicating that we now have more than 100 new bloggers. Do we need this many new bloggers? I say: Why not? For one, not each of those bloggers will stay active. Some will realise it’s not for them, others will sooner or later retire and concentrate on other aspects of their life (it’s the same with every hobby and people shifting their priorities). But that’s not the most important thing here. If you get into blogging because you want to have thousands of readers, then you may be disappointed. Get your expectations right before you start. You will not become super-famous and have a zillion readers immediately. Maybe you’ll never have many readers. At this point, I’m going to repeat what I wrote in my previous NBI post: Ask yourself why you want to blog! If you get into it and are happy with a few dedicated readers, then this goal is easy to accomplish. Even if we’re “a lot of bloggers”, there’s even more gamers and potential readers out there. So I’m certain that you will get your readership. Thus, saying there are too many bloggers out there isn’t a valid argument if you ask me. And let’s not forget that there are as many opinions out there about games than there are gamers. So, adding your opinion to the pool won’t be a bad idea at all! ;)

What I worried about most before starting my own blog (which only lived for a very brief time before I started Nerdy Bookahs with my boyfriend) was whether I am good enough. Now, after a year, my answer is: Yes, I am! And so are you! You will not be perfect just like nobody else is perfect. But there’s a great thing about us: We can learn from our mistakes! ;) The NBI comes with the aforementioned forum and I’ve read a lot of useful things that I hadn’t known or even thought about before. I certainly know that it helped me and it may even make me a better blogger… well, whatever a “good blogger” is to begin with. Maybe read Finding your voice at High Latency Life. We’re all different and we all have our own styles. So I’d say it’s really difficult to say one blogger is bad and one isn’t. Either I like somebody’s writing style or I don’t. But if you never start blogging even though you really want to, then you’ll never find out how many people will actually think you’re a great blogger and who want to read every post you publish. ;)

Also, I have found bloggers to be something like a “sub-community”. Especially on Googleplus, I’ve talked with several other bloggers (and now on Syp’s forum, of course) and so far, each of the bloggers I’ve talked to have been very helpful with giving tips or advice. I’m certain that even after this month, those who are current “sponsors” and those who are currently “newbies” will be around and help others get started (or just give general advice even if your blog has been around for longer). You just need to ask and I’m sure you can enjoy the vast resources that are available with the amount of bloggers around.

To sum it up, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll give up again after a while. But in the meantime, you will probably have gotten to know a few interesting people or interacted with other gamers. So where’s the harm? ;)


  1. Because I can’t think up a good blog name!!!! . I’ve got posts already written but I’m still stuck on —name—


    1. Hehehe. My first blog had the creative name of “Paeroka”. ;) This one was a collaboration of me and my boyfriend trying to find something more or less witty. We knew we loved asura and I think the “Nerdy Bookahs” was the first thing we came up with.

      The second part “and their travel guide” was added because we started the blog at a time where GW2 seemed so far away still that we knew we wouldn’t write about this one game exclusively and we both like checking out different games.

      But it did take us a bit to come up with the name, yes. So I definitely see your point. ;)


  2. But, but… if I actually took the time to do my own blog, where would I find the time to constantly annoy so many other folks with my comments on their blogs?!? O.o


    1. You would instead constantly annoy those people by writing whole blog posts in reply to others’ blog posts and leaving trackbacks everywhere? ^^


      1. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to set one up, and certainly have no clue about things like “trackbacks.” Heck, I think it’s PFM (pure f***ing magic) that some folks know how to change the way a link appears… I’m just happy I eventually figured out how to include a link at all in some of my comments!

        I almost applied to Talk Tyria for the opportunity to submitt an occassional OpEd piece on GW2, but I’ve never written professionally, and I’m pretty sure I would just fold up and die if I had to deal with anything like a deadline, so I chickened out. I’ll have to content myself with the silly notion that occassionally a few folks might take the time to read one of my comments (which tend to be what is commonly referred to as, ye ol’ wall o’ text, and therefore simply skipped by the vast majority of folks on the interwebs.)


        1. If you ever do want to write something, feel free to “guest blog” here on Nerdy Bookahs. :)

          There’s no deadline on Talk Tyria, by the way. But Izzie closed applications because she was getting too many of them. ;)

          I think I’m guilty of walls of texts (and I admit, I like writing them). Which may attract people who comment with walls of text themselves. Fortunately, that’s exactly what I love reading. So… win/win for me! ;)


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