Guild Wars 2: To kill a Moabird

The beta weekend event finished with an event where “harder mobs” spawned everywhere (and the legendary white bunny. Seriously… another rabbit? Really? It made me laugh so hard… although I’d kind of expected it and would have been very disappointed not to see it among the epic end-event mobs ^^). We ran around in a huge zerg that sooner or later got split by respawning mobs . Part of the group went further north. I have no idea why and we never found anything special there… except for annoying moa birds that were a few levels above most players. Not dodging at the right moment meant you were dead within a few seconds. And while a respawn/waypoint was just behind us, not too many people had walked there in order to get it. Oh well… ;)

Bookahnerk took a video of everything and uploaded the moa fights to our YouTube channel. If you want to know why we think dodging is more than just a nice gimmick ArenaNet added and is instead the difference between killing a mob and not killing it, watch the video! :)