Newbie Blogger Initiative!

Have you ever wanted to start your own blog? Now is the perfect time for it as Syp from BioBreak has started his Newbie Blogger Initiative. This event will last during May and he hopes to encourage many people to start their own blogs!

If you want to know more about it, head on over to the forum he set up for this. There is also a section where you can ask questions, get advice, etc. and as you can see on there, a lot of blogs are participating to help out new bloggers! Of course, you can also ask your questions here but if you sign up on the forums, you’ll find a lot more people there who can help you out!

This blog here has just recently celebrated its first birthday (in March, I think) and we never thought we’d get as far as we did… what with the recent trip to NCSoft Europe in Brighton. Of course, we didn’t start blogging because we wanted to be invited by a gaming company. When we started blogging, I didn’t even know they did that! ;) I’ve always enjoyed talking (my mum loves telling others that I could speak before I could walk) and I’ve always enjoyed writing. I also enjoy talking about games, the mechanics behind them, etc. and, of course, I love talking WITH other players. Getting to know some fellow bloggers in Brighton was definitely the highlight of my blogging experience so far and I can’t wait to hopefully meet more during this year’s GamesCom! So, all in all, blogging is a great hobby for me and it teaches me something every day (English, most of all, which was one of the reasons why we started this blog in the first place). :)

So watch out for many blog posts coming this month giving advice on blogging, answering questions, and sharing their own experiences – not just here on Nerdy Bookahs, of course, but on all the blogs participating.

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