Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (March 2, 2012 – Asura Edition)

Just one little thing today: Al’Ellisande from Wartower did a lore interview with Jeff Grubb about the Asura. Go here to listen to it. That’s 44 minutes of Asura-Goodness! :)

We’re only at 08:00 but it’s just as it always is when ArenaNet’s lore writers talk about the story: Fascinating and very interesting. We always get the feeling that they really love their lore. :)


  1. Thank-you for the link… I always enjoy nerdy lore stuff like that.

    I was quite happy with the interviewer calling into question a few of the more “extreme” cultural perspectives of the asura, and getting some qualifying information from Jeff on those subjects. (Particularly the issues of how they interacted with the sylvari at first, and their cultural attitude towards the skritt – who are by far my favorite npc race in the game… I can’t help smiling everytime I’ve seen a video which has some skritt in it.)


    1. This was an important topic for her to cover. With our history, I guess it’s always a bit more… hmm… important – or just more on our minds – to ask about extreme stuff like this and hatred towards specific races.

      I really can’t wait to explore and experience the lore and world in person. I always get a bit tired of just hearing or reading about all those races, the history etc. in games. I need to see it myself! *gets a bit impatient* :)


      1. This next week (beginning March 12th) should be pretty exciting for some folks… I suspect we will hear about the next round of beta testing in more detail, and lucky folks should start getting invites…

        *pretends to be completely patient and calm*


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