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Bookahneer’s Geekwatch: EU Fan Day!

ArenaNet just announced the EU Fan Day on Twitter, taking place on April 2 – April 3 in Brighton, UK. Guess who’s going to be there? Yes, ME! Well, technically, either Bookahnerk or me were invited but Bookahnerk let me

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Guild Wars 2 and its lack of PvP servers

Some time ago, a friend asked us about “open world PvP”. When we told him that there won’t be any PvP servers like you have them in World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic, he was upset. He

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Educate the gaming masses!

For a few years, I had been a forum moderator for a forum with a few hundred members (at peak times… not online at the same time, though!). We had members from all over the world, aged 13 to 50-something.

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Blog Carnival: On the edge of diversity

This posting is part of GuildMag’s third blog carnival. Unlike most of the previous postings, we wrote this post together (with the exception of our impressions from ArenaNet at GamesCom which we wrote in just the same way). Something that

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Bookahneer’s 1st anniversary!

So, it’s technically not bookahneer’s first anniversary himself. Vekk is a lot older and “the bookahneer” was introduced a lot later. But we just realised that we started blogging with Nerdy Bookahs exactly one year ago! *throws confetti* And now,

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"Nerdy Bookahs" is a blog written by Paeroka and bookahnerk. We started it back in March 2011 and usually write about MMOs. Find out more about us here.
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