GW2 – waiting for the beta

Unfortunately, it seems to still be a few weeks until we get our chance to be in the beta (and really, with a million sign ups, how big are our individual chances? *insert long dramatic sigh* ^^). ArenaNet released information to press sites like that the next beta will start “late-March”. The interesting part is “(…) while helping the team load test the servers.” – Sounds like something like a stress test.

Then there’s also been a fan who screen captured pictures of the game’s auction house during a video. HuntersInsight analyses the bits we can see. I, personally, quite liked seeing some of the buttons like “sell maximum”. It looks like some very neat features that addons in World of Warcraft added to their standard interface (and which Blizzard later added to their default UI even though it was still lacking compared to addons). I also really like the layout of Guild Wars 2’s user interface… it looks artsy and unintrusive.

I am trying to get back into Guild Wars again. Although I feel like I’ve never really been into Guild Wars if I compare what I had done before the Hall of Monuments came out and before we tried to get those points and what others have done in the game (I never knew it was possible to “farm” areas for stuff, for example). I’ve really played the game casually and used it as my “leave me alone”-online game. A game where I didn’t have to be social but I could be (with people I knew as I never played with strangers in Guild Wars!). I’d played through Nightfall all on my own (yes, very difficult achievement, isn’t it? ;) ) and hadn’t done much else. Now I’m climbing up in points. My first character (necromancer) needs to get to Vabbi (I’d switched to a warrior pretty fast and my necromancer got neglected), so she can get her elite armor there. Fortunately, I already have the rubies and sapphires I need. Bookahnerk gave them to me. He doesn’t have them for his necromancer, though, but he did notice that the price of rubies and sapphires skyrocketed in the last few days. ;) They had been more or less stable at 9 platinum for quite a while but now they’re at 12 platinum (rubies, at least). Could it be that with the feeling of the Guild Wars 2 release lingering on the horizon, people are returning to Guild Wars to farm their last few points? ;)

What do you think?

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