Guild Wars 2 and its server transfers

We still don’t know every detail about this. Although maybe there’ll be more now in the Reddit interview that Mike Ferguson does… right now? Anyway, have a look at the latest ArenaNet blog post or just read the next paragraph about server transfers here:

Some of our more astute fans asked about the complications involved with switching servers and how it would interact with world bonuses. Every account has a home server where your characters are created. You can only fight for your home world in WvW. You can visit other servers, and while you are visiting, you still get the world bonus from your home world instead of the bonus for the world you are visiting. If you switch your home server, you lose the bonus from your previous home world and are not eligible for the bonus for your new server at least until the beginning of the next battle for the Mists. We may extend this disqualification into the next match or possibly even longer to discourage people from switching servers right before a battle ends in order to get an awesome bonus. You will have to pay a fee to change your home server (price undetermined), and that will also discourage people from server hopping to chase world bonuses.

For Germans’ convenience, I’m going to translate this, as I haven’t seen a translation yet. Scroll down to continue reading my English ramblings. ;)

Einige unserer gerisseneren Fans haben Fragen zu den Komplikationen gestellt, die mit dem Wechseln von Servern einhergehen werden, und gefragt, wie diese mit den Weltenboni interagieren werden. Jeder Account hat einen Heimat-Server, auf dem eure Charaktere kreiert werden. Ihr könnt nur für eure Heimatwelt im WvW kämpfen. Ihr könnt andere Server besuchen und während ihr sie besucht, bekommt ihr immer noch die Weltenboni eurer Heimatwelt statt der Weltenboni der Welt, die ihr gerade besucht. Wenn ihr euren Heimatserver wechselt, verliert ihr den Bonus eurer vorherigen Heimatwelt und seid mindestens bis zum Start des nächsten Kampfes in den Nebeln [oder wie auch immer “battle for the mists” übersetzt werden würde] nicht für den Bonus eures neuen Servers berechtigt. Eventuell werden wir die Disqualifikation noch bis ins nächste Match verlängern oder sogar noch länger, damit die Spieler nicht direkt vor Ende eines Kampfes den Server wechseln, um den tollen Bonus zu kassieren. Ihr werdet etwas bezahlen müssen, um euren Heimatserver zu wechseln (der Preis ist noch nicht festgelegt), und das wird die Spieler auch davon abhalten, ständig Serverhopping zu betreiben, um die Weltenboni zu jagen.


So, what do we now know?

You will not be able to switch and play WvW on other servers unless you pay a fee. I assume the “fee” will be a real money one. Since all characters always belong to one home server, you’ll switch with all characters once you pay your fee. That is different to games like World of Warcraft, Lotro or Warhammer Online which always ask you to pay a fee for each character you want to transfer.

Yes, it will be possible to play with your friends in PvE because you can switch freely (or, as they call it “visit”) between servers for PvE purposes. So, if you only care about playing with your friends in PvE, you will not have to pay a fee at all in order to switch. Although there is the question of what “visiting a server” entails. Does it also mean belonging to their guild?

You cannot have characters on the same account play in WvW on different servers as all characters belong to one home server and this one home server is the one for which you can fight in WvW.

I assume that this also means that names will be universal (as bookahnerk also assumed a few months ago) like it is now in Guild Wars. At least, it’d make the transitions easier. Or can you imagine how annoying it’d be to have to rename your character whenever you want to play PvE on another server? What will it be like with guild names, though? Are they global as well? And will the guild and its name belong to only the guild leader? What if they go server-hopping? Will the guild go with them then?

What’s also still unknown is if we can switch freely between different regions (EU German, EU English and/or EU French servers, for example). Also, will we be able to play on US and EU servers? Or will we be restricted to our own region? And next up: Will there be region locks? ;) <– I'll just assume there won't be because they haven't done it in Guild Wars and I don't see any reason why they should change that now.


  1. I’m not assuming its a real money fee at this point, it just doesn’t seem like they’d accidentally mention a cash shop transaction like that when they’ve kept a tight lid on everything else.


    1. Just found it:

      This “home server transfer” fee – is it ingame currency or real world money?

      We haven’t finalized our plans for what that fee will be, if there will be any ‘amnesty’ period for new accounts, or what currency that fee will require, but I can assure you that we are examining and discussing all possible options and as soon as we have a firm plan in place we’ll let you know more!

      (From – so, from the Reddit chat Mike Ferguson did yesterday)


  2. With the exception of the question of region locks, I am really liking this solution. It feels like they’ve incorporated the free district-switching of GW1, only made it more “sticky”, for lack of a better word, so that each player can be permanently associated with one.

    Now that I think about it, I’m not sure that being able to be in a guild across realms would be helpful since there’s that WvWvW factor where you might be enemies on the battlefield. Hmm.


    1. The region lock question was – hopefully – more a joke from my side (as I wrote about incoming region locks for SOE’s games yesterday). They keep stressing that they want to make it easy for friends to play together. They also said that they don’t know yet if you can access all servers (EU player to US servers etc.). But all in all, it doesn’t seem to hint at region locks.

      We’re currently trying to figure out where to settle down IF we get EU English and EU German servers. We have friends who’ll only play on German servers. So, should our home server be English and we’ll only do PvE on the German ones? Or should we do it the other way around, so we can go to WvW together? On the other hand, we want our Nerdy Bookahs guild to be an English-speaking one. So it’d make more sense to have the home server be English. Too many decisions! ;) And yes, I agree it’ll be weird to then face each other in WvW. But you can’t see the names of enemy players, so it may be hard to actually spot each other on the battlefield. ;)


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