Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (February 18, 2012): Hype, where art thou?

Warning! Today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch includes lots of personal opinions and rants. Do not continue reading if that’s not what you like! ;)

The thing I have been looking forward to the most has finally been talked about on ArenaNet’s blog: World vs. World. Now, it might be because of stress in my “other life” (aka “real life” which, as I’ve said before, I will not talk about here on my blog. My private life doesn’t belong in a public blog about gaming – or in any public blog, for that matter)… but my reaction when reading this wasn’t “I cannot wait!!” it was “meh”. I kept rolling my eyes thinking: This sounds like Warhammer Online V2.0. Been there, done that, experienced the horrible lag, stuttering, crashing of servers, terribly imbalanced classes and boring huge zergs.

Yeah okay, so maybe it isn’t only stress that’s keeping me from being hyped. Maybe it’s that Warhammer Online made me very cautious. I was absolutely hyped about that game prior to its release. I read Syp’s Warhammer Online blog regularly. In fact, this is when I discovered blogs and ultimately started blogging myself. But the game had promised so much and failed to deliver. And I felt fooled by that company (and Paul Barnett who always talked about the game like it was the best game we’d ever seen). I do not want to be hyped about Guild Wars 2. Right now, I’m preparing to be disappointed about the game. Maybe I took my realistic game preview posting too seriously. ;) Or maybe… maybe I really should get a few days of vacation, get on an empty island with nothing but a few real paper books and not a single other soul around me.

But I actually want to save a few of my vacation days for the release of Guild Wars 2! I never thought I’d use precious vacation days to spend more time gaming when a new MMO releases but that is the plan. Or maybe I’ll spend it reading blogs and writing blog postings myself for when the login queues are horribly long – ah, I’m Miss Negativity lately, I know ^^ – but I actually don’t mind having the queues. They give you time to make dinner, read a book, do some chores,… and they’ll be gone sooner or later anyway.

Bookahnerk, by the way, is totally hyped and totally annoyed by my negativity. ;) I am just not hyped. At the same time, I doubt that it will be a bad game. There are no hints at all that the game will fail in any way right now and that is a good sign. And they will have siege weapons and destructible walls. Thus, hopefully, this game won’t be like Warhammer Online at all. Or rather, it will be what Warhammer Online could have been. ;)

What I am most looking forward to about the game right now, however, is creating a character (which usually takes me about an hour if there’s lots of choices) and then going off to explore the world. Lion’s Arch, here I come! And hopefully, ArenaNet know what they’re doing (and there isn’t much proof that they don’t, right?) and all my worries and eye-rolling and sarcastic thoughts of how the game won’t live up to its general hype will fly out of the window. Also, nobody forces me to do PvP and while I am looking forward to playing PvP, I am also looking forward to exploring, fighting in the dynamic events, experiencing my personal story,… I am looking forward to the game! However, my love for Asuras has slowly been declining lately. Not because they became any less cute but because, let’s be honest, this totally rocks! I want a female Charr!

I am also trying not to read all those previews about the game. Yes, they will hopefully all say that the performance is awesome, that there are no issues at all even if there are a hundred players in one zone and that the classes seem reasonably balanced (for closed beta, mind you! ^^). But I do not want to read which skills do what and which skills are used in which situation. I do not want to read about the first quests in your personal story and which dynamic events you will fight in and which skills the boss monsters have. I want to experience all of that for myself! If you ask me, it’s a very bad habit that we gamers tend to have that we want to know everything before we’ve ever set foot into the game. I regularly see news coming up for WoW’s next expansion and they already have talent calculators up, so that you can see which build you’ll use once the expansion releases. Where’s the sense of exploration if you already know everything there is before the expansion is even released? Same with Guild Wars 2. I don’t want to read everything first. I want to experience it myself!

And maybe I’ll soon have the chance to do just that? They talked about having something for us: Plus, we’ll have some very specific information about an upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta event – I guarantee you will not want to miss it! – I just hope it won’t happen while I’m at work! I want to knoooooow! *sigh* (In other words: Tweet me with the link once it’s up because I do sometimes look at my mobile phone while at work and it shows me when somebody mentioned me on Twitter 0:o) ).


Let’s change the game and talk about something else. Who’s tried out the beta for Eligium? Is Frogster serious about the game? The character customization is a joke and while companies like Blizzard say that the first few minutes in the game are crucial for determining whether a player stays or leaves again, in my case this is determined a lot earlier. I found myself not wanting to play Eligium before I’d ever even logged on. So you start the client and create a character. You can choose your class which also determines your race (a ranger is an elf… how novel!). You then decide for a gender, a name and a virtue. Then you log into the world. No, I didn’t forget to mention anything. This IS the whole character customization. No hair styles, hair colours, eye colours or anything else to choose from. Also, the text looks horrible. It’s hard on the eyes and not always properly within its text box. The voice over of my character is still Chinese.

And this game is in open beta now! At least, they’re only calling it MMOG so they are very well aware of the fact that there’s no reason to put the RP in there. ;) So, if you want to play an Asian grindy game (with quests, at least), it might be for you. I rather stay away from it.


  1. I… I… I think my head just exploded…
    “Timing is everything” is a saying that has been proven once again I guess. It’s Tuesday, the 21st of February (just 3 short days since your post here) and I’m riding a wave of new videos and information from the GW2 beta weekend like Duke Kahanamoku himself.
    Hyped is no longer adequate to describe what I’m feeling for this game…


    1. I have now entered the “hype” state as well. ;) Though I really changed my mind and want to play a Charr as my main character instead of Asura (on the other hand, Asuras weren’t even available during this beta… boo!).

      The only thing that annoyed me was the amount of garters and suspenders I saw. I don’t think I ever saw as many as I did yesterday. ;)

      Other than that, ArenaNet keeps showing us that apparently, they know what they’re doing and they’re doing their work pretty well. I can’t wait to see the world myself (I’m refusing to watch any walkthrough videos or the tours through the cities. I want to keep that for exploring myself!).


      1. Mrs ArcherAvatar agrees with you on the Charr issue… (I’m certain the fluffy tails have a LOT to do with that decision… and the nose twitches… did you see the nose twitches in the character creation videos?)
        Personally, I’m still hooked on sylvari and asura as the vast majority of my characters. Speaking of my own little alt army – only 5 character slots? Hoping they announce additional slots for CE versions, but I will be buying extra slots regardless (or maybe just extra accounts…)


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