New home in EQ2

I’ve found a new home – for now. It’s been quite some time since a game caught my interest as much as Everquest 2 does right now. Yes, I know, it’s ooooold. And the graphics aren’t up-to-date anymore. And there are bugs… even though the game is ooooold. And while it is free to play now, the system still sucks at times (I can buy stuff from the AH but I have to pay real money for each item I want to sell on the AH. No, thanks).

But… but… it’s fun! And there are things that I don’t get. And there’s stuff to explore. And there’s crafting. And then I saw the housing. And with that, it had sucked me into its world completely. ;) So here you go. I’ve said goodbye to Lotro (for the time being… I have no idea if I’ll go back or not) and am playing EQ2 (and STO) in my free time. Of course, this is also just me waiting for Guild Wars 2 to come out. But that one won’t have housing either which is a shame. I like decorating houses and collecting all the items that I could put into a house. That’s the main reason I ever started playing Restaurant City on Facebook. *cough* Decorating your restaurant is fun! ;)

In other news, up until now if you hadn’t been a wordpress user and logged into wordpress, you probably saw ads in our entries every now and then. I have no idea how often they appeared but I know that I saw them a few times when I wasn’t logged in and it always bugged me. When we started our blog, we decided that we’d never want to have ads in our blog. We don’t want to earn any money from it. Blogging and sharing our opinions about stuff is what we like doing. We don’t want to do it for any money. Now, of course, hosting the blog on wordpress means that they have expenses and thus, them putting ads on our blog is perfectly alright. But they also give you the option to disable them and that’s what we did now. ;) We enjoy the hosting service otherwise and want to keep our blog here. But we’re happier without ads even though we weren’t the ones seeing them. ;) So, happy ad-free reading! :oD