Bookahneer sets sail for GW2’s release!

Pirate AsuraThis morning (EU time), ArenaNet released a new blog entry that caused quite some cheers all around the world. On time for the Chinese Year of the Dragon (could’ve been exactly midnight in Seattle when they released it), they tell us more about the beta plans and the release.

I had to smile because it reminded me of what ArcherAvatar said just a few days ago in a comment on our blog. He was right. It’s the Chinese Year of the Dragon and this will be Guild Wars 2’s year! We now know that “press” will be in beta in February (though there’s still some guessing as to who exactly belongs to press, I guess – websites like Massively? Or just the big gaming portals?). Regular people like you and me will have a chance to join in March and April. And the release will definitely be this year! So that leaves everything from April to December. ;) But still, it’s nice to hear! I never believed those rumours that talked about GW2 not being released in 2012. Although, if that meant that the game would not end up like Warhammer Online, I’d gladly wait until 2013! Yes, that game burnt me. Bad, bad game. With great potential. But eh, this entry isn’t about bad games, it’s about Guild Wars 2!

I dearly hope we’ll get more and more information about GW2 now because while it’s nice to blog in general, this blog was actually created for Guild Wars 2 and it’s been about so many other games lately. Such a shame! ;)

Now I’ve nothing else to say about that apart from: Yaarrrrr! *throws Asura-shaped confetti*

We’re by far not the only blog reporting about this piece of news. So if you are interested in other people’s reactions and opinions, here are a few links for you (in no particular order).

Kill Ten Rats wonders about the inclusion of press right at the start of beta and there’s speculation about a hint for the possible release date. (Update, January 24, 2011: Nope. Coincidence, but no hint at a release date, says Guild Wars Insider)
Distilled Willpower isn’t exactly surprised and he lists other dragon-y things for this year.
Hunter’s Insight is sticking with his “beta starts 6 months before a game’s release”. Let’s hope he’s right. ;)
Talk Tyria also isn’t surprised about the release in 2012 but happy nonetheless.
Tasha Darke is excited about having a maximum of 342 days until GW2 releases.
Syp from Biobreak belongs to the (few?) people who didn’t think GW2 would release in 2012.

Last but not least, four semi-blogs-semi-news-sites (I find it kind of hard to differentiate sometimes):
Guild Wars 2 Live, Guild Wars 2 Journal, Guild Wars Insider and GuildMag also report about the news.


And a note of caution: Do not click on any links promising to give you beta keys! Check the official channels (the official website, their facebook page, their twitter accounts) for news about how to get them once they actually do release news about that. At this moment, there is NO WAY to sign up and get beta keys. Keep your account information safe! :)


  1. *snoopy happy dance*

    I’m still holding out hope that I will be able to buy a CE copy of GW2 for my sweetie’s b-day this coming June…

    It’s been a wonderful start to the year of the Dragon… I’ve been walking around smiling all day today.

    Wasn’t it interesting that they plan to open up the beta testing first with the members of the press in February? I’m hoping this indicates ArenaNet intends to conduct their testing from that point on in a more open and straightforward manner than we’ve seen from some other companies recently (ie; very limited or no NDAs handcuffing the flow of information.) Why else would you be inviting members of the press first, unless you were giving them a headstart so their “impressions” articles could be released in a timely fashion relative to the eventual release date?

    Regardless, for everyone who has waited patiently for the last few years of following the development of the game, this has to be a happy occassion. We can definitely see a light at the end of the tunnel now…


    1. I was working when the news came in. I had to force myself to concentrate on the work again. Boo. ;)

      I was surprised to see the “press beta” listed there but didn’t think more of it. Now that several people have mentioned it, I guess it is really a bit curious? I do hope, however, that this again means that the game’s in a good state and “just” needs finishing touches and polish.


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