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Attention: Skyrim story spoilers. If you don’t want to know anything about the game’s story, do not continue reading! I will try to keep them small but only you can decide if you want to read anything about it or nothing when you haven’t gotten the game yet. :)


…they really do. At Christmas, I saw that German Amazon had Skyrim on sale (25€. I HAD to get that!). I ordered it and after our vacation visiting family, I could finally play the game. I’ve now played about 27 hours according to Steam. But make that 20 or so as I tend to idle around a lot. ;)

Still, the issues I have with the game have nothing to do with playing for a long time. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a solid game. A good game. A game I enjoy playing. It’s not that different from Dragon Age, Divinity 2 (the first area only! ^^), Drakensang or even Oblivion if you ask me. It makes some things better but there are other things that annoy me to no end and then there are things that I just like better in other games.

Issue 1: I kept reading about the great open world. And how you could ignore the story and just explore. I am still waiting for this point in the main story. Let’s see… There are dragons. And they scare everybody. There’s also a civil war breaking out. And my character is one of those special snowflakes that are there to save the world from the dragons (she can’t do anything about the civil war, I guess). Why should she bring a letter to somebody in another city? Why should she wear some shop’s tailored clothes to impress the Jarl and advertise their clothing line? Why should she go out of her way to explore the countryside and pick flowers (yes, I admit, guilty! ^^) instead of trying to figure out where the dragons came from and why they are there?

This annoys me so much. Yes, I have done some side quests and yes, I like them. But as soon as I think about what my character would do in such a situation, I cannot justify ignoring the main storyline. And let’s not forget that one NPC that told me to meet her in town X. We met in town Y because I was doing side quests and she reminded me that she had told me to go to town X when we accidentally met.

Issue 2: I am a special snowflake. I hate that. I don’t want to be the one that was sung about in a prophecy. I don’t want to play the one character that is able to save the entire world. I just want to be A character that exists and is part of some story. It doesn’t have to involve a possible apocalypse or mass slaughtering or whatever. That’s what I really loved about Drakensang (the first game). You start out investigating the murder of a friend. Then the story unfolds. But it never seems to be this huge adventure that gets you to save the world and make you well-known everywhere.

Issue 3: The NPCs. They are weird. They come up to me and tell me their life story even though they’ve never seen me before. Also, one guy got killed by a dragon. A little girl had seen it and she commented on it – though if I remember correctly, she commented on me killing the dragon. Not on a guy she must know (they live in a small village, after all) dying. And he was still there, on the ground, dead. Then his wife left their hut and… made a remark about something general. Then she turned around and left to do her day’s business. Hello? Her husband just died! The guards didn’t react either. After entering a village, I walked into a family’s house. Not nice, I know. The wife told me where to find an inn if I was looking for a room. The husband started telling me his life story and about his dreams and his family. Then his wife and daughter got up and started attacking me while the husband was still telling me how he has to be strong for his family. He didn’t seem annoyed with me being there – or else I would’ve left already! Then I got attacked for invading their house. I left the house but my follower didn’t. When I went back into the house, there she was in the middle of the three dead bodies. The family’s son had hidden in the cellar and he called for guards. After paying 5 gold, I was free to go. But really, that didn’t make any sense! I just went back to the village and the little boy is still telling me his random sentences when I click on him. No sign of him not having a family anymore, of him swearing revenge or whatever. His family’s bodies are still in the house, too. When I heard from another player how a guard came to them and asked if they could have the shield that they’d just dropped to the floor because they didn’t need it, I was impressed. But why aren’t bodies buried? Why is nobody mourning their loss? Why doesn’t the village hate me?

Issue 4: My follower. I only have one so far. But who is she? The things she’s said to me are “Oh”, “Hmm” and “You’ll lead, I’ll follow” and other random stuff like that. I cannot properly talk to her. She has no quests for me. Nothing. I remember Neverwinter Nights where the companion slowly kept telling me his life story. I remember Knights of the Old Republic and how annoyed I was with that one talkative companion. She wouldn’t shut up! However, she had character. I knew who she was, that she had a brother, that her parents were dead etc. And Dragon Age… oh, how I want to strangle my companions sometimes when they keep fighting and insulting each other. Gah. But in a good way because it makes the game more lively. I can talk to them and they agree or disagree with my decisions. Yes, my follower does that as well. She dislikes me stealing. But that’s all.

Issue 5: Back to the huge open world. When I walk around between towns and villages, I usually get attacked by wolves, spiders or bandits. One hit and they’re dead. There are other enemies and especially more challenging ones. But most of the time, I’m either all alone (with my follower… IF she’s not lagging behind thanks to AI pathing, I assume) or attacked by the aforementioned three types of enemies. I guess this is standard in most games. I just thought it’d be different and more exciting here.

Issue 6: The worst of all which has nothing to do with the gameplay. The interface. Whywhywhywhy do we PC players get a console interface? And why does it suck so much? Which slots for armour does my follower have, for example? It’s nice that she decides for herself if she wants to wear something I give her. That’s okay. But can she even wear rings, amulets, etc.? And speaking of rings: How many can I wear? One? Two? Three? You can try it out, of course. But having to scroll through a long alphabetised list of armour items I’m carrying can be bothersome as well. Especially if you’re currently wearing an ‘aggressive ring of blood’ and a ‘zealous ring of honour’. And then you try equipping a ‘massive ring of mediocrity’. Scroll up: Ring A is still equipped. Scroll allllll the way down: Ring Z is not equipped anymore. Aha. *sigh* And comparing what you’re wearing and what you may want to equip instead is just as bothersome. I’d really love to have a nicer interface. Made by Bethesda. Not by fans (though I love how fast they’re making great changes to the game. I did already get that one addon that let’s me have a windowed version that actually works!).

Issue 7: The shadows. What the… even on high settings, they look atrocious. Nothing else to say about that.

Now, those are all things I can live with (except for the UI issue. There’s no excuse for that. -.-). But after having such high expectations and hearing everywhere how amazing that game was and how it did everything right compared to other single player RPGs, I can only feel disappointment and it overshadows the joy I might have had otherwise.

I’d originally not planned to include the things I love about the game because this entry is about unmet expectations. But it might sound too negative otherwise. So, here are some of the good things:
– I love the character creation screen and my lizardlady!
– While the graphics might not be up to date or whatever, I still find them very pretty, pictoresque and enjoy looking at the scenery
– Jeremy Soule. Nothing else needs to be said here.
That, plus several other things. Or I wouldn’t still be playing the game. ;)

And for a semi-random conclusion: Should I stop reading about Guild Wars 2 now? What if we manage to hype it just the same and then we end up being disappointed when we realise it’s also just another game. A good game or maybe even a great game. But due to not meeting our really high expectations, we still find it lackluster.


  1. “Should I stop reading about Guild Wars 2 now? What if we manage to hype it just the same and then we end up being disappointed when we realise it’s also just another game?” – Paeroka

    Not possible.

    GW2 will cure cancer, fix the US and world economy, protect and heal the environment, create an endless supply of clean energy, and save humanity from the rise of the machines… AND will poach eggs to the perfect consistency EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    Although each of the issues you describe with your experience of Skyrim are certainly ones I can relate to, there were two in particular that struck a note with me; Snowflakes, and UIs.

    The whole “snowflake” thing is sooooo tired and overdone in general, and unless you are a child, and only just starting to reading fictional literature, then you’ve already seen it more than enough times to know every beat of the story, and exactly how it ends. I’m much more interested in heroes (whether they eventually “save the world” or not) if they are just an example of “the common man” who are thrown into extreme circumstances and are just trying their best to navigate their way through them and somehow stay alive hopefully in the process.

    The UI issue is simply terrible, and not one that Bethesda, or any game developer, should be given a pass on. You want your game to be marketable to the console gaming crowd – fine – but that does NOT mean you get to sack the PC gamers with the same absurd handicaps that console gamers are willing to deal with just because they don’t know how, or don’t want, to type on a keyboard. If they’ve gone to all that effort to make the game playable on a console, then they had damn well better extend a little bit of effort for the PC version to have a reasonable UI that utilizes the mouse+keyboard controls, which are in part why the PC gamers are using that platform in the first place. To do otherwise (as Bethesda has done) is just sloppy and lazy.

    It was interesting to hear a perspective on the game that was not simply raving about the rpg / storytelling aspects of it. Given the issues you’ve had with the game, would you recommend it to a friend without reservation, or would you caution them about it if they were considering purchasing?


    1. Oh yes, I’d love to have more of the “common man fights through circumstances” in RPGs. It’s just something I can relate to more. There was no prophecy about me being born and saving the world, after all. But I am a common person! ;)

      If a friend asked me, I’d direct them to this article and tell them that those are the negative aspects of the game. I’d also tell them that if they liked single player RPGs and don’t mind the issues I wrote about, then I’d recommend it to them. Just, not for its full price (unless maybe if you get it for your console). I got it for 25€ and I think it’s worth that much. But I’m really glad I didn’t get it for 50€. I would’ve been even more disappointed then and potentially angry with myself (because I hardly ever get a game for full price. I’m cheap like that. ^^).


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