Commenting on our blog – and what I’m doing game-wise

I’m currently on “vacation” (or whatever you want to call it. It does involve visiting family). So I hadn’t looked at the comments. Something like 30 spam comments in the last few days since Christmas. Anyway, in most cases it’s obvious those are spam comments. In other cases, it’s not so easy to distinguish.

The first time you comment on our blog, your comment won’t be visible until we’ve approved it. After that, it appears as soon as you post another comment. If you are a first time commenter and your comment doesn’t appear, it means it was most likely marked as spam and I may have accidentally deleted it. If that happened, I’m sorry! Just try again. I wonder how other people distinguish between spam comments and real ones. Some are just very generic saying how great a blog post is – and I always assume that’s a spam comment. ;)


Now back to gaming. I haven’t done much since I only brought my little sub-notebook with me (of course. Who visits fanmily bringing over their desktop PC? ^^). But since Terraria was on sale, I got that and this game plays perfectly on my laptop. So I’ve been playing that whenever I was bored.

Back at home, there’s Everquest II waiting for me. And I also bought Skyrim for myself (though technically, it’s probably a present from my parents since they’d given me some money to buy nice stuff for myself). The German Amazon deal with 25€ was just too great to pass up! But, again, I don’t have my PC with me so apart from having a first look at the character creation screen, I haven’t been able to do anything.

Last but not least, I have a special little MMO that I want to do a “first impression” piece on. But I haven’t been able to play yet. The game’s currently patching and WLan is a bit wonky here.

Oh well, that’s all for now. Probably nothing too interesting but there you go. ;) Speaking of interesting, ArcherAvatar left us a link to a very interesting blog post about Guild Wars 2 and its professions in my last blog entry. So if you’re bored and want something to read, I’ll link to it again here: The 2/3 Theory by “Greibach’s Normal Form”.


  1. Hey, happy new year! What’s this “special little MMO” you have teased us with, hm?


    1. Haven’t gotten around to playing it much yet… unfortunately. It’s really just a silly little game. Nothing big like GW2 or so. ^^


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