Mini Geekwatch

Too bad we don’t have pictures of baby asuras or I could’ve used one for this update. ;)

The one announcement I’d been waiting for just came: Lotro’s Yule Festival starts on December 20! Yaaay. They just tweeted it. That’s good because rumour said that it won’t be here until January.

As you can probably tell, I’m a lot more excited about this than about Update 5. I’m not doing much in Lotro anyway and me preparing the Christmas outfit for my characters was the most time I’ve spent in the game in weeks, I guess. But it’s also been lots of fun. So, hopefully, the Yule Festival will be fun again as well. It was last year. :)

Oh, and they also just tweeted the link to another developer diary about their reputation item revision. Interesting.

Still no news from Guild Wars 2. Not much time left till the end of December and they did say that closed beta would start before the end of the year and if I remember correctly, they also said we’d get to know the last class before that. So… *taps foot impatiently* ;)