How many chances do you give a game?

When bookahnerk first let me play WoW on his account, I was immediately hooked. Poor guy had wanted to nap a bit but couldn’t because I kept bothering him with questions. My laptop hadn’t been too good, so I’d gotten lost in that “efil cave-area” in the Tauren starter area. Who knew it was actually such a small starter area? ;) So, this one game immediately drew me in. But that leads me to the topic of this post.

Wasdstomp mentioned on Google+ how he uninstalled Age of Conan after 5 minutes of playing which led to me and others talking about how many times it took us to get into Lotro, Guild Wars,…

I still remember when we got into the Guild Wars Factions Preview Event with premade level 20 characters and we were so lost. I’d also not played any other MMO but WoW and kept comparing the two. At the end of the year, I suddenly decided that I want to have this game and bought Guild Wars Nightfall after a friend had recommended it to me because it has a better tutorial. I suddenly enjoyed myself in the game but don’t ask me why I even gave it a second chance. I don’t remember at all. But I guess, something had left an impression. ;)

The first time I ever played Lotro was during its open beta in 2007 close before release. I decided against buying it because I was playing WoW and couldn’t afford two subs. I did get two more trials which both didn’t make me stay in the game even though WoW was gone later on. But yet again, I gave it another go, bought the game box and stayed for the included 30 days. Then I let my account run out because I didn’t want to pay the monthly fee. Lucky for me (or Codemasters/Turbine? ^^), when my account was inactive, I was one of those who got the offer to buy a lifetime account for something like 110€ (roughly 10 monthly subs?). I took it and have stayed in Lotro since that.

So, one could say that I give certain games a lot of tries if they interest me in some way. The amount of time varies from a few minutes (some Asian f2p MMOs managed to make me run away faaaaast), an hour or two (Hello Kitty Online belongs to that category as I did stay in there for two hours before I had enough of pink and pastels) or even several hours before deciding against a game (Tabula Rasa comes to my mind). In most cases, however, the monthly fee is what makes me not get a game and leave. But I do come back whenever they give a free week of playing (Rift and Aion, for example). I just always decide that they’re not good enough (<– for me! Not an objective assessment ^^) to make me pay.

All of this made me wonder: How many chances do you give a game? And how often do you try to get into said game?


  1. I give every game every chance I can. The thing about MMOs is that they’re always updated, and over time, they may even be altered.


    1. Yes, right! One of the reasons I kept following Warhammer Online for a loooong time. Sadly, it never got changed into the direction I wanted. I still played the free trial for a bit, though. So I gave it another chance in a way. ;)


  2. I give games a fair few chances, I think. More if they’re free to play, naturally. With LOTRO I did two free trials before deciding to buy the lifetime sub, and then lost interest after only three months, but I re-installed probably three or four times before it finally “stuck” with me this past September.

    Age of Conan earned a month’s subscription, and I’ve returned a couple of times, but it couldn’t recapture my fancy what with the abandonment of the excellent voice acting and prominence of the main quest after level 20.

    I was brought into Guild Wars by a friend, and it was that friend and the accompanying guild that got me to stick with it through the depress-a-thon that was post-searing. They also held my hand and explained so many of the game mechanics that aren’t readily apparent for a newbie, like where and when to get new armor, what those henchmen are for, and how to enter a mission (how do you know to look for a button when you’re not the leader of the party?), etc.

    I guess it depends on whether I feel a game has a “certain something” I’m missing out on – as was the case with LOTRO and GW – versus a game with game mechanics I just don’t think I enjoy – such as Aion or SWTOR. I’ll give the former infinite tries to impress me, but the latter I just write off as failed experiments on my part.


    1. Yep, your Lotro experience sounds very similar to mine.

      As I’d said to bookahnerk after every single try: It’s a game I should love but I don’t. In the meantime, I had a few moments of love and I am fond of it and the experiences I’ve had in the game. But there are always little things that make me not love it. ;) Thankfully, I have a lifetime account, so with or without monthly subs, I’m staying in the game. *g*

      I bought both Rift and Aion and played them each for more than a month thanks to free reactivation events. But there as well, something is missing for me. If either of those adopted the hybrid model like Lotro, I’d definitely be in there. Again. ;)

      So yes, definitely: The games have to have something that intrigues or fascinates me or just makes me love certain features about it. It’s just the monthly fee that keeps me away most of the time for games that don’t give me the ‘full package’.


  3. Usually no more than two.

    I try to “stick with” my first attempt at a game, and provided the gameplay elements (mechanics and systems) are not deal breakers, then it’s just down to the setting, and technical functionality. There really hasn’t been an occasion where I dropped a MMO style game before giving it at least a couple of weeks worth of playing time unless the game mechanics were simply too painful to tolerate, in which case there was no sense in trying a second time.

    On a couple of occasions there have been games that just needed “a little more cooking time” and I gave those a second attempt after a reasonable passage of time to allow the DEVs a chance to correct whatever technical issues were present at launch.

    Basically, either it’s fun and interesting or it’s not. Sometimes games need more time than they are given to reach their potential, in which case a second attempt is warranted after a decent interval, but most of the time when I drop a game it’s because it’s pretty much made that decision for me with something intolerable that is blocking enjoyment.

    There has only been one occasion where I returned to a game once I had made a clear decision to discontinue playing it, and that was due to a RL friend discovering the game late, and asking for company in exploring it so of course I returned and helped out. Once they were firmly established and were more actively playing with others (in a guild I introduced them to) than they were with me, I checked to make sure it was ok with them, and then dropped the game again. (That game was WOW btw…)


    1. I was hoping for the time and chance for Warhammer Online. The game I’ve followed the most after cancelling my subscription. I still regularly read up on the forums but I’ve given up hope to see it get its bugs fixed and content added. *insert long dramatic sigh* ;)

      I’ve gone back to Lotro because of a friend even though I didn’t feel like playing but Lotro is a special case. I’m okay with not playing the game but once I do play, I usually enjoy myself. It’s weird because recently, I don’t really get the urge to play it at all. Still, it’s a nice enough game (hopefully until GW2 comes out ^^).


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