Promotion time! ^^

As soon as we saw it, I created a Google+ page for us. So, if you like, follow us at Google+. We’re going to be linking to our blog postings over there but so far, discussions or comments have been added there a lot more frequently (well, at my personal G+ account up until now because I used that for crossposting until G+ added the pages). Still, we appreciate all comments, no matter where they’re posted. :)

And with that, I think we really do have enough places that we’re at. I think we also have a page on Facebook but we’re not really using Facebook anyway. So we’re at Google+, wordpress and on Twitter. That should be enough, right? ;) Oh, and Youtube if you count our GW2 PvP videos from GamesCom. Social networking is fun, if you ask me. ^^

The second part is, for a change, not a self-promotion. I totally forgot about the The Lone Hobbit. A blog that I’m theoretically co-author of – but I have never actually posted there! So I’m not taking any credit for it (and that’s why it can’t be a self-promotion… yet ^^). It did get me into wordpress, though, as I had created an account purely for posting screenshots there. It’s been inactive for quite some time now but as it’s about posting screenshots from Middle Earth (sorted by region), it’s still worth a look! The scenery never gets out of date, after all. ;) I might even post some new screenshots there when I find the time. So, have a look at the prettiness that is Lotro’s world if you like.