Adventures of a Charr pack – There and back and there again!

Finally our new pack members arrived! Okay, they arrived about two weeks ago but it took them that time to settle in and they had quite a story to tell.

Their travel route was planned by their tactical headquarters like it was done for all their brothers. Many contacts with trusted guides of the logistic division were arranged all the way. Who would have guessed that ours would be misled and betrayed by the last one, who led them close to their target direction but got cold feet and secretly retreated with them. I absolutely hope that he got at least severely punished by his pack when they noticed!

Luckily, the Charrs were able to make it back to the headquarters alive and our trusted informant there was able to locate the problem. So they turned around immediately and went for another try while we manned our lookouts and alarmed everyone involved that we could reach to make sure to have a more competent guide this time.

Another week passed and they finally made it, broken down and tired of course from traveling that route a third time and very angered after realizing how close they were the first time. After having a night-long meal and some rest, we secured the area, found a treasure the locals had rumored about for generations and got in contact with a treacherous and greedy little species that seems to live around here. And so we and our new pack members stand on watch, day and night at our new home.

View their story here!

Spoken in more human pictures:
The first time the package got returned to NCsoft England due to a stupid and/or lazy delivery guy who marked me as an unknown resident after 3 years of living here! We got in contact with NCsoft support after 3 weeks without a sign of the package and had to wait for further processing till the 28 days provided for postal deliveries had passed. After those we continued our communication and both sides checked their postal contacts and tried to track down the package. While that was in progress, the package returned to NCsoft whose support immediately contacted us and asked if we wanted them to be delivered to us again. We cannot stop thanking the support for their great help!

This time they made it all the way! Thanks to the nontransparent way the responsible German delivery service works, we will never know for sure if it worked out now due to the extended address information we used this time, another/more intelligent/adaptive delivery guy or if the charrlies used their claws and forced him this time.


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