Pandaren belong to WoW as much as orcs do!

As I’ve previously written here, I was sure that pandaren are a possibility in WoW because they are NOT forbidden in China.

So yesterday, Blizzard announced their next expansion Mists of Pandaria and that’s when the shit hit the fan… apparently. I’ve seen it, heard it, read it in so many places. How dare Blizzard turn an April Fool’s Day Joke into “reality” (in the game world, at least)? How dare they butcher their lore even further? And yes, while butchering of the lore has certainly happened, I don’t really see them doing it here.

Pandaren have been in Warcraft’s lore since Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (released 2003). Together with the nagas (a race nobody has complained about so far ^^), the pandaren made their entry. Granted, it was only one – the brewmaster. But he was there. And he brought beer! Why is there so much hatred for this poor little soul now?

A quick look at WoWWiki’s Pandaren page* led me to a link about the “Manual of Monsters”, “source book for Warcraft The Roleplaying Game” which was published in 2003. Said book already had pandaren in it and bits of their world and their culture have been known for years.

Now, dislike the addition of pandaren and their world as much as you like. Fair enough and all that. But get your facts straight! There’s no lore butchering because it is part of the Warcraft lore.

* An interesting read if you want to know what Pandaren are about – they’re originally from Kalimdor, by the way, as opposed to the orcs which stem from Draenor.


  1. I was a bit worried when I first saw this announcement, it didn’t seem to ‘fit’ if you know what I mean. But you’re absolutely right, it’s part of the lore. If people realised that, perhaps they wouldn’t be so shitty about it. There’s some very very strong opinions going around.
    I’m totally all for it now, I’m quite excited to trying the Monk race too.


  2. I think you guys miss the point. When people bitch about it “not fitting in” they don’t mean with the lore of WoW, they mean with fantasy lore in general. Ya, some things are a stretch (like draenei) but at least those guys look like satyr, so they at least superficially have a tie-in with other fantasy genres. We’re also not saying Blizzard isn’t allowed to be creative and come up with their own stuff, but if they do that it has to hang together with the rest of the fantasy setting that has already been established. They’ve screwed that up quite a bit as well, but Pandas are the last straw because they are playable, and they can’t be simply ignored.

    Lastly, no new raid content in MoP? Shoot me, I’m done with this game.


    1. Interesting opinion. Yours, not mine. Limiting fantasy… wow, where would “we*” have gotten with that from the start. *shrugs*

      *Like you I do claim the right to possibly speak for the whole “fankind”.

      About the raids… it took me less than 5 minutes to realize that we have to exist in parallel universes. Just google, for example, “Mists of Pandaria new raids” in yours.


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