1. I really want to go change my password but not sure if it’s a good time or if I should wait until the forums are back up. Wish they’d say something to let us know. Would have huge admiration if, if it IS a security issue for sure, they tell us so we can know to change our passwords.


    1. If you’ve used the same password for other accounts, then changing those would at least be a good idea.

      I’m not sure either if I should think of a new password now or if it doesn’t change anything because the security hole would still be there. Then again, maybe it’s not because the forum is down?

      I’m just very much alarmed because they do not say that it’s NOT a security issue. If it really wasn’t, they could just say so. But this silence… is strange.


  2. They have always denied any security issues from what I recall. I don’t remember them ever acknowledging having security holes, and I doubt they will acknowledge this one either. What you should expect to see in a day or so is a blurb in the forums and/or the client stating that you should periodically change your password as a general security precaution, or something to that effect. I’d be astonished if they actually admitted their system was breached.

    I and others have received spam in the past at email addresses that we ONLY used for lotro and that we used nowhere else. I have a hard time believing this is their first security breach, and I doubt it will be the last.

    I love the game but hate their poor security.


    1. I was a bit shocked when they changed it so you have the same password on the forum as you use for the game. That’s… just a terrible idea, nothing else.

      I’m curious if they’ll say something about what happened or not. But I’m almost certain that we will not see additional security measures in the future… unfortunately. :/


  3. *pulls his tinfoil hat on snugger and carefully peaks out through a tiny crack in the blinds covering the window*

    >there is a knock at the door<

    *checks that shotgun is fully loaded before leveling it at the door* "Who is it?" (said in a friendly, almost musical fashion.)


  4. Thanks very much for reporting on this – you’ve done a great job summing it all up! I’m trying to get the word out – I’ve featured this article on the MMO Melting Pot, and Twittered/Reddited/etc.

    Hopefully nothing too serious happened, but it’s starting to sound extremly concerning. I’m certainly changing my password!


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