Lotro Cremello Mounts: The winners were rolled

We used our 0 – 99 dice to decide for the 6 winners.

Our winners are:
1. Sylvyn
2. Ferret
3. Sarah
4. Chris Galbraith
5. Saelarien
6. Immanuel

We will send out the emails now (that is, within the next half an hour or so). Please respond to it! As we wrote in the original post, we want to make sure the email address is valid first before sending out a code.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating!

Edit: All winners received their codes now. Have fun with your new mount! :)


  1. I’m so happy, I’m waiting for this mount for so à long time.

    Thanks !

    And Happy Birthday to you !


  2. Thank you so much :D
    Never thought I had a chance to add this to my collection


  3. Very cool! Gratz to all the winners.

    Also, a tip ‘o the hat to Paeroka and Bookahnerk for the generosity of spirit that lead to the give away in first place.


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