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Guild Wars 2: Power shift and server pride with the new guild system

(This entry is part of Guild Mag’s Blog Carnival! Check it out if you want to read more opinions about GW2’s upcoming guild system.) It’s been a while since we’ve seen so many different views and opinions about a topic

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Star Trek Online: TaH pagh taHbe’

The announcement I have been waiting for ever since Champions Online went f2p finally arrived (some days ago. Hadn’t had the time to ramble about it earlier ^^): STO will go f2p as well. Cryptic has also added further details

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MMORPGs and their expansions

Recently, there’s been a lot of diversity regarding Lotro’s upcoming expansion “Rise of Isengard”. I’m not even going into the pricing “issue” now. But I’ve seen a lot of people argue about “there’s not enough content to call it an

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Guild Wars: Character slots, naming rules and their possible transition

When I try to imagine how the naming rules, server architecture, guild limitations and the character slots may be handled in Guild Wars 2 I always reach the point where I have to take into account how it was implemented

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