Steampunk in Guild Wars 2

I like steampunk, even in fantasy settings. Or rather, especially in fantasy settings. Loved it in World of Warcraft (always ran my night elf rangers over to Ironforge to train them in the gun skill), Warhammer Online (engineers!) and especially in Allods Online. Still, I was disappointed with GW2’s engineers. I know I wrote about this here already shortly after ArenaNet had announced them. My first thought when I heard “land mine” was: “Get out of MY game! Hmpf.” This pretty, picturesque, artsy, beautiful game and then there are machines, steam, noise, mines, etc. in it? That doesn’t fit at all!

I’m still not 100% convinced but 250 years are a lot of time and it’s just normal, I guess, that things change. So there is progression. And I started getting used to it until the moment saw engineers hop through the screen during a PvP match. What was that on their back? Reminded me of Ghostbusters. A flamethrower… like… in Team Fortress 2? Again something I will have to get used to. It did destroy all the immersion I’d felt creeping up while watching the PvP matches, though.

Then again, this isn’t MY game. This is ArenaNet’s game. If I don’t like it… well, I can complain and then I’ll either have to live with it or go somewhere else. I think I’ll take the first choice. ;) Also, looking at those armoured Charr trike-thingies, I guess the world really has changed and it fits perfectly.

But just think about this: What will Guild Wars 3 look like? Even further in the future, it’ll probably be a science fiction game set in space and we’ll finally get to know all about the relationship between the Asuras and Stitch (although my bet is still on the House Elves from Harry Potter and their interference somewhere that produced the Asuran race). ;)

3 thoughts on “Steampunk in Guild Wars 2

  1. distilled says:

    I have to say I’m not a big fan of the engineer, although my objections are a bit more pragmatic. I don’t like that you are restricted to one weapon set in combat. I know they have their packs, but still – I like the idea of being able to switch weapons on the fly without sacrificing a skill to do it.


    • paeroka says:

      I hadn’t even noticed this difference until now. But instead of switching between two weapon sets, I can switch between one weapon set plus, for example, the flamethrower? Still sounds interesting (but yes, one less skill on the right then).

      After seeing a Charr engineer, I also know that I want one! I guess I’ll have to play the game and see everything for myself and I’m pretty sure a month in, the whole steampunk aspect will feel absolutely natural. :)


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