GamesCom 2011: Link collection for GW2

With PAX around the corner, I wanted to do a collection of links with interviews, videos, pictures, etc. from GamesCom. Of course, all GW2-related. :) Some of them were posted on German websites but the interviews are in English. So maybe you don’t know all of those links already.

Overall, I think it would be impossible for me to give you a complete collection of all tidbits of information about the game that came out of GamesCom. Information overload! So I’ll just try to collect things I find interesting and also some links that I haven’t yet seen posted a zillion times.

First, three short videos from the NCSoft booth that we just uploaded today. They weren’t ready yesterday or I would’ve added them there already. One of the annoying and negative parts of the GW2 booth was that crowd cheering guy. I’m just not a fan of those silly yelling games. Anyway, the crowd was cheering, so he certainly did a good job: I say NC… you say…Yell louder if you want t-shirts thrown your way and boy, was it crowded there!

Now, let’s continue with the more interesting bits and pieces. Links are in no particular order (except for me listing our links first… shameless self-promotion and all that).

Nerdy Bookahs:
Pictures and the videos we’ve uploaded: – most of them are PvP matches we filmed.

Some more YouTube videos:
Here are videos of the PvE demo that shows the fight against Tequatl with lots of players (Asura and Sylvari because those were the ones you could play at a higher level). A video of PvP commented by Izzy Cartwright showing the engineer, the ranger and the trebuchet.

GW2 Onlinewelten is a German website about Guild Wars 2. They did some interviews: One with Izzy Cartwright (talking about several things including ranger’s pets, the sidekick system, a bit about WvWvW,…) and one with Colin Johanson (also different things like the lobby for PvP, item shop content, race’s armour…).

Wartower (Interviews):
Wartower is another German website about GW2. Al’Ellisande conducted several interviews. I already summarise-translated the one with Martin Kerstein here.
She talked with Ree Soesbee about lore and the Sylvari (my personal favourite interview!), with John Ryan about about the writing of the Guild Wars 2 story (starts at 07:37), with Izzy Cartwright about PvP (up to 11:40) and with Daniel Dociu about the art (starting at 28:38).

They also uploaded a video about the character customization. At this point, I’d also like to link you to another blog entry about character customization so far: Namely, it’s not all done yet!

Asura Emotes:
Even though I prefer The current Asura over the GW2 asura when looking at their faces, I still definitely need to have at least one Asura (I’ll probably end up with a whole farm of them, thoug ^^). Watch some of their emotes here.

GW2Guru has a rather long link collection for GamesCom 2011, so I’ll leave you with that now.

Tomorrow, PAX starts. I wonder if we’ll get to hear about something new or if it’ll just be the same (which is okay. I wouldn’t mind some more videos. I haven’t seen enough about warriors yet, actually ^^).

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