GamesCom 2011 Part 2

We’re in the process of uploading our GW2 videos. Apologies for the spam to all those who already know about it because they’re following me on Twitter and G+. ;)

You can find all videos here:

All in all, we have about 15 videos. Give or take a bit. They all range from a few seconds up to 8 minutes of playtime. With the current video sizes, the uploads should be finished tonight. I don’t remember right now but I think we filmed two complete PvP matches shown from one player’s point of view. The PvP booth has two monitors: One from the player on the far right of the blue team and from the player on the far left on the red team. As the queue is standing right in front of the monitor of the blue team, our videos are always from that one player on the red team.

We’ll go to GamesCom again tomorrow. So expect at least one or two more videos on Sunday. ;) My impression – without having played myself! – is a very positive one. The PvP seemed fast-paced and moving was important. It also looked like fun and the players mostly had smiles on their faces after they’d played a match. Always a good sign. ;)

What do you think?

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