Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Who would’ve thought that I write about Warhammer again? I certainly didn’t. ;)

Some time ago, bloggers visited EA Bioware Mythic. They returned and wrote about something that’s under an NDA. Werit wrote that it’s “not what you’re thinking it is”. Now, that kind of excluded the often written about wish for WAR to go free to play. I assumed it would be some kind of Facebook game. Close enough but still wrong. ;)

Today, they have announced Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes.

What will Wrath of Heroes be? Sounds like they took the scenario part of Warhammer Online, reduced each side to 6 players and kind of added a 3rd faction. It will also be “free to play”. I’m using quotation marks because nothing is ever truly free, of course. They haven’t said anything about item shops etc. so far. They did, however, release a new Warhammer Online producer’s letter just a few minutes after the presentation on the live stream where they hinted at subscribers of WAR getting something in Wrath of Heroes: “We’re still hashing out the legal and technical bits, but rest assured, being a subscriber will be even more advantageous than ever.”

What surprised me was seeing lines like “‘Sure,’ you might say, ‘But doesn’t having another project mean less resources?’ Quite the contrary. We brought in people to develop the new title and actually increased our pool of resources.” as during the last GamesDay they said that they don’t have many resources and certainly not enough to add the missing cities. On the other hand, why should they if they can also focus on scenarios which they can use in two games while a faction’s city would only be used in one of those two games? ;)

There’s also other stuff: Players of WAR* have been asking for a third faction. WoH adds it (at least, it’s 3 teams facing each other. Not necessarily 3 different factions). They’ve asked for 6v6 scenarios. WoH has those (6v6v6 even). They’ve asked for f2p, WoH adds it. It does sound like a kind of WAR V2 to me. I’ve also read before that during beta (or late alpha?) WAR consisted of not much more than scenarios when it came to PvP which sounds like it was supposed to be a scenario game and RvR was only added as an afterthought because the DAoC players/beta players asked for it. Maybe this now is the game they actually wanted to make?

Good for them is that they can use the same engine, the same graphics, the same systems they’ve already created before (update: I looked at the screenshots and well, seems like the same graphic models but ‘toned down’ and made more comic-like). And if you don’t necessarily need open world RvR (or PvE but I don’t see why you would play WAR if you wanted PvE), then this sounds like a nice game. I definitely want to check it out and maybe revive my black orc for it? I did have fun for about 6 months (apart from the bugs and the hitching and stuttering of the game and the stupid overpowered AoE – which is hopefully toned down by now!) and I quite liked playing scenarios. So maybe this will be fun.

*Used as a lose term here. It does not mean or imply that ALL players of WAR were or are asking for it. It’s just what I’ve seen SOME players ask/write about.

Update: Werit posted more information if you’re interested. :)