Of merchandise, collector’s editions and Sylvari

Some time ago, a small package had arrived. I recognised the sender (a German site about online games). I was curious and opened it and… had no idea why I’d received the package. Then I slowly remembered. I’d participated in a giveaway-thingy and apparently, I had won (no email notification about it, I checked! ^^).

Long story a bit shorter: I’d won the complete collection of Guild Wars, the GW2 artbook and a GW2 t-shirt. I already owned all the GW campaigns plus the addon, so I decided to give the game to bookahnerk’s sister as an Easter present. The t-shirt was much too big for me, so I gave it to bookahnerk. Which leaves the artbook. Unfortunately, there’d been some miscommunication and the artbook turned out to be a note pad (which I’m not using because it looks better unused, says bookahnerk).

So all in all, I’d finally won something which was great! But I ended up empty-handed. :( I bought the artbook from the NCSoft-store later because I really wanted it! But seeing bookahnerk with his shiny t-shirt made me sad. Until yesterday when the postman delivered my own one! Bookahnerk had searched ebay and found one in size S which is now miiiiiiine! I shall treasure it accordingly. :oD

Then we found the Factions Collector’s Edition on German amazon for 13€ (including postage). We bought two! Upgrading our existing accounts doesn’t make much sense, so we instead added a second Guild Wars account – with 4 new character slots (yay extra bank storage!). And the CE comes with another miniature which we’ll dedicate in our Halls of Monument for more points. :) So you can say, we’ve been pretty successful at finding cheap merchandise (the t-shirt had cost him 6€, so that was a nice deal as well).

Now for a change of subject: Sylvari. What do you think about the new ones?

I was hoping they’d be more spectacular than before where they were basically greenish elves. And I’m in awe! ArenaNet sure has great talent in their midst. Now they look the way they should if you ask me: They are plants who create the illusion of being human. I also don’t see a problem of them being female or male in their looks. They create an illusion! An illusion should get close to the reality. And the reality is that humans have males and females. So why shouldn’t Sylvari follow that trend? Of course, as always, somebody else can say it much better than I could: Why do Sylvari have boobs by Randomessa.

Ree, who’s also responsible for the Sylvari lore (among a lot of other things, I assume) has answered a question about Sylvari and sexuality on her blog. I like this angle and I think it makes for interesting stories. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about Caithe and Faolain soon. Also, shouldn’t we get a third Guild Wars 2 novel soonish? ;)