I’m sick of the holy trinity in MMOs…

…no seriously, it bores me to no end. Endgame consists of three parts.
Part 1: Raiding (to get better gear for… more raiding)
Part 2: PvP (to get better gear for… more PvP)
Part 3: Rolling of an alt (to do Part 1 or Part 2)

Okay, I’m not so sick of part 2 because the combat changes depending on which player you’re fighting against. And part 3 can be quite fun. But why is it that MMOs nowadays can only come up with those three all in all? Is there really nothing else out there for people to do?

Don’t get me wrong. I do not say that I don’t want either of those parts in my dream-MMO. I don’t care about raiding but I know others love it and I wouldn’t want to wish away what others love. But I would like to be able to do other stuff that would ideally be just as important (in players’ eyes) and that developers spend time on and where they would deliver more content later on (as in: When an expansion hits, all systems get updates and expansions. Not just new raids, a new class and maybe a new battleground).

I just remembered something that BioWare had said and fortunately, I found the source quite fast: Bioware about SWTOR’s endgame. I quote: “We’re looking at classic [endgame] systems, but we’re also doing something brand new that hasn’t been done in an MMO before. So we’re going to mix those two together.”

This does sound possibly maybe interesting. We know there’ll be raiding. We also know there’ll be PvP. And they’ve previously said that “We really hope that players will go play other classes because otherwise that would be a waste of resources.” What could the “brand new” stuff be? I don’t think I’ve heard anything about it and I’m curious. “Brand new” sounds good, at least.