Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (August 1)

Welcome to today’s Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place about LotRO, Guild Wars 2 and any other interesting news related to gaming.

First things first, I found it amusing to read a dispute between several players in the Warhammer Online forum. The short of it: Mythic was at GamesDay in the USA (I forgot which city it was in. Sorry). A (former?) player asked some questions and got some uncomfortable answers. The worst one would be:
Me Q: So what you’re saying is Mythic is gonna stand back and do nothing while the game is going to hell?

Prod A: The game will stay up for the hardcore dedicated players as long as we got them the game isn’t going anywhere. We still have Ultima Online and DAoC and we’re adding new content for them.

However, he apparently misunderstood when James Casey talked about Rift and how some former members of Mythic worked on that game. And there’s still the question whether Shadow Warriors will get more Crowd Control or not. So what I quoted above is also questioned. Is it true or not? If you ask me personally, I’d say that the patch history and how much was added to the game since its release (compared to what was taken out) speaks volumes.

Edit: Artiee published a recording of the Q&A. It’s hard to understand but what I could hear basically confirms the quoted answer above. Still not really a surprise, I guess. But they did confirm that there are no resources for new content like a new class etc.

Not an MMO, but still a game I’m interested in: Diablo 3. This game will offer an auction house where players can sell items for real money. You’ll be able to see items and also characters! Apart from that, another sentence stood out: It was also confirmed that the game will require an internet connection to play at all times. I love having games on my laptop that I can play wherever I take it without having to be online. Germany isn’t known for its wide access to WLAN hotspots or other cheap methods to go online when away from your home access. ;)

For interested readers who are capable of German, I’ll give you three more links: Diablo 3 im Hands-on-Test, Item-Handel gegen echtes Geld und Jay Wilson im Interview. – The following might be a “good to know” for concerned WoW players: “Ich glaube nicht, dass unser Echtgeld-Auktionshaus auch in World of Warcraft funktionieren könnte.” Translation: I do not think that a real-money auction house would also work in World of Warcraft. So hopefully, we will never see something like that in WoW.

Guild Wars 2 will hopefully bring us some cool information at GamesCom. On the list of things to show is the Charr starter region, mid-level play for Sylvari AND Asuras, all 7 professions (which means we will probably not see the last class revealed there), finally more information about PvP in Guild Wars 2 and last but not least, the character customization! The latter is probably the most exciting part for me. Call me odd but I usually spend a lot of time making sure my character looks the way I want it to. Of course, knowing more about the PvP systems is also high up on my priority list. I can’t wait to get into PvP again (preferrably without having to worry about item spirals and sucking not because I can’t play my class but because it’s horribly undergeared).

Last but not least, Lord of the Rings Online talked about itemization with the upcoming expansion, Rise of Isengard. When I read the first two paragraphs, my heart sank a little. Fortunately, it gets better when you keep reading. I am just not a fan of the whole item spirals. I also do not get why a character should become more and more and more powerful because of super awesome gear. But at least, they will offer some good items to everybody no matter their playstyle. I would assume that this also makes balancing content easier. If you need to balance quests around players that have super-awesome-über gear and players in regular-standard-unter gear, I’d assume that it’s either too hard for the latter or too easy for the first group (I’m looking at you, World of Warcraft!).


  1. Only a couple more weeks till GamesCon… It’s going to be a torrent of information, and although I’m also interested in the Customization options a little bit, the main things I’m looking forward to are seeing asura and sylvari in action, and hopefully a lot of news about the PVP.


  2. Had to put this seperate because it was just too negative to include in the other happy thoughts…

    I’m sorry but, all I see in the news on LOTRO is the introduction of “power creep” into the equipment system and an escalation of “gear-inflation” that will inevitably cause the same issues it has in other games (such as WOW) where the DEVs effectively split the player population between the have(s) and the have-not(s).

    The seemingly ever increasing focus of the DEVs on the financing of the game through the cash shop is extremely disapointing to me. I phrased this as delicately as I could… had I not used restraint there would have been a lot of language not suitable for polite company.


    1. The main problem I saw with Mirkwood and level 65 was that purple level 65 items were basically worse and weaker than level 60 (turquoise) items. Purple is one step below turquoise in quality. It just didn’t make sense that the items for 5 levels higher were *worse*. So my warden got nice new items (also craftable ones) that were worse than the ones she already had. If you already have an item spiral system in the game, at least make it a bit more logical than that! It’s no fun to hunt items that are weaker. ;)

      Fortunately for Lotro, they have the cosmetic item slots. So I rather spent my time hunting for grea that looks good on her. Still, it seemed weird. So it’s nice if they ‘even it out’ and make it logical.

      All in all, though, I greatly dislike the whole “I want more powerful items!”-system anyway. I’d much prefer a system like Guild Wars has it. Too bad even GW2 hops on the bandwagon of item spirals (at least for levelling up… we’ll see what it’ll be like once you’re at max level).

      I also try to write in a not too ranting and rambling and raging way. But I’m extremely disappointed in a lot of things Turbine has done. I’m curious what will come with the expansion but it might very well be the last time Turbine has gotten money from me.


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