Steampunk in Guild Wars 2

I like steampunk, even in fantasy settings. Or rather, especially in fantasy settings. Loved it in World of Warcraft (always ran my night elf rangers over to Ironforge to train them in the gun skill), Warhammer Online (engineers!) and especially in Allods Online. Still, I was disappointed with GW2's engineers. I know I wrote about … Continue reading Steampunk in Guild Wars 2

LotRO: PAX/GC-mount giveaway

Yes, you read the headline correctly. We have a giveaway. As I'd hinted (very subtly ;) ) in one of my previous entries, we brought back 6 extra coupons for mounts (people got them but didn't always want them). You can see it in the picture on the left. Steeds of Middle Earth have a … Continue reading LotRO: PAX/GC-mount giveaway

GamesCom 2011: Link collection for GW2

With PAX around the corner, I wanted to do a collection of links with interviews, videos, pictures, etc. from GamesCom. Of course, all GW2-related. :) Some of them were posted on German websites but the interviews are in English. So maybe you don't know all of those links already. Overall, I think it would be … Continue reading GamesCom 2011: Link collection for GW2

Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (August 24) – GW2GC edition

Those who know me say that I'm often quite critical and can be overly harsh. So enjoy the following while you can because this'll most likely be a rare entry full of fangirlism. ;) After Warhammer Online and its hype leading up to the release of the game, I have become quite skeptical and even … Continue reading Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (August 24) – GW2GC edition’s interview with Martin Kerstein (from GamesCom 2011), a German Guild Wars fansite, published an interview from al'Ellisande with Martin Kerstein, who's the German community manager of ArenaNet. The topic was, of course, Guild Wars 2. As it's in German, I thought I'd offer a short English translation (not literally but so you get the gist). Whenever you see (( )), that's … Continue reading’s interview with Martin Kerstein (from GamesCom 2011)

Contest at CSTM: “Secret Grove” Ring

Speaking of "giveaways", Casual Stroll to Mordor is having another contest. You can win a gorgeous ring (see the bigger picture here) by sending in a screenshot (no interface, no names, no photoshopping) of your character wearing his/her favourite outfit. Hop over to their website to read all about it and enter. It is open … Continue reading Contest at CSTM: “Secret Grove” Ring

Impressions from GamesCom 2011

I want to write more about Lord of the Rings Online and Guild Wars 2 later. But for now, I present you my impressions of GamesCom 2011 along with several pictures we've taken. We went there twice, on Thursday and Saturday. Thursday was already full but Saturday was crowded and hot. I didn't feel too … Continue reading Impressions from GamesCom 2011

GamesCom 2011 Part 2

We're in the process of uploading our GW2 videos. Apologies for the spam to all those who already know about it because they're following me on Twitter and G+. ;) You can find all videos here: All in all, we have about 15 videos. Give or take a bit. They all range from a … Continue reading GamesCom 2011 Part 2

GamesCom 2011 – Part 1

Semi-successful day at GamesCom today. 40 minutes for the GW2 demo that soooo many people want to play is just too long. We had about 6 or 7 people in front of us. Take that x 40 minutes. O.o No way! Instead, we filmed others playing Guild Wars 2 (PvP mostly as we could stand … Continue reading GamesCom 2011 – Part 1

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Who would've thought that I write about Warhammer again? I certainly didn't. ;) Some time ago, bloggers visited EA Bioware Mythic. They returned and wrote about something that's under an NDA. Werit wrote that it's "not what you're thinking it is". Now, that kind of excluded the often written about wish for WAR to go … Continue reading Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes