GamesCom 2011 – only… a few more days! ;)

We already know that Sylvari will be playable at GamesCom. So far, this was more or less the only thing I was concerned about (Guild Wars 2, that is, not necessarily the Sylvari).

But now I wonder: What about the other games I’m interested in? More importantly: What about LotRO? They will release their next expansion “Rise of Isengard” in September. So it’d make sense to have them be present at GamesCom. I couldn’t find anything definite, though. The only thing I could find was that Warner Bros. will have a booth there which led to people assuming that Turbine (which was bought by WB) will be there as well. I don’t like assuming things, though. So I asked. ;) Sapience, CM of Turbine, replied to me with this: “Yes. I’ll be there along with Producer Aaron Campbell, and also Tolero and ProducerGlin from DDO!” They will be at the WB booth!

I still remember last year when we were looking for LotRO at the Codemasters booth and one guy working there had no clue what LotRO even was. O.o Last year, they were also at the WB booth, I think. So, just in case you’re going to GamesCom and want to see what WB/Turbine has to show, they will be in hall 8.1 Booth: C020 B021.

NCSoft, on the other hand, will be in Hall 9.1 Booth: A011 B010 .

Whatever you do, avoid coming close to Hall 6.1, Booths B20 B21 B30 B31 C20 C30. That’s where Activision Blizzard will be and while in general, I really enjoyed GamesCom last year, this whole area was loud and crowded with hardly any fresh air left. ;)