RIFT: Return to Telara (July 13 – 19)

Heimlich, still und leise… *cough*

Well, Rift is apparently in the process of reactivating inactive accounts for free for 7 days (that is, if your account was already inactive prior to June 23). You can see the announcement here. I got the link by email but haven’t seen it anywhere otherwise. Still, it’s real.

Unfortunately, when players wanted to take advantage of the offer, they were in for a disappointment: “You need to resubscribe in order to play”. :o( Elrar soon answered on the forum saying that they’re reactivating the accounts at the moment and they’ll make an announcement once they’re all working. So… stay tuned!

I will definitely return and have a look at the game again. It’s a great game if you ask me. But before I even think about resubscribing, I’m very glad I get the chance to test it again and have a look at what they’ve added in the meantime. My cleric will definitely run to the bank and grab the outfit she stored in there for the appearance system!