Screenshots in Guild Wars 2

Rubi was one of the lucky people to visit ArenaNet and she has written about her experience playing Guild Wars 2 here. Now, apart from the good stuff (and me mostly skimming it because I don’t want to know every detail before I’ve been able to play it myself :) ), one thing stood out to me:

My character is in every shot because there is no first-person view, something I’m not thrilled about. I asked a nearby dev about that and she said “we want you to see your character.”

To that I can only say: Eep! :o(

Have a look at two screenshots I took in LotRO.

The first one:
This is me on a visit in Rivendell. It was a bright and sunny day. Thankfully, I had remembered to bring my hat or else I’m sure I would have gotten sunburnt immediately! After taking this picture (which a kind elf who walked by gladly took for me*), I went to the Last Homely House to visit Elrond and get an autograph from him.

Now look at the second one:
This is Rivendell. Isn’t the scenery just gorgeous? And look at how far you can see… all the mountains in the back and the beautiful trees!

In other words: While I like taking screenshots of my character in MMOs, I actually like taking pictures of the scenery more. So I really hope I’ll be able to do that in Guild Wars 2 as well. ;)

Also, in case you haven’t noticed it yet: I obviously care about the smallest things in MMOs while other people’s primary concern lies on whether there really won’t be any raids and how good or bad the class balance will be. Please just ignore me and my little niche if you think this is silly. ^^

* Ignore the breaking of lore here, please. I know there are no cameras in LotRO but I haven’t had enough coffee yet to think of an appropriate alternative. ;)

3 thoughts on “Screenshots in Guild Wars 2

  1. ArcherAvatar says:

    I also had the same reaction that you and Rubi did… we can’t be the only ones… I’m not suggesting that they include a first person perspective for all facets of the game necessarily, since I simply woudn’t use it most of the time. The vast majority of the time I prefer the third person view (slightly above and behind my character) and the ability to rotate the camera angle as well so, the assumption that I think ArenaNet are making here is pretty accurate. Most folks DO want to see their character *most* of the time.

    However, there are quite a few of us who enjoy taking “pictures” of the vistas we encounter during our travels and adventures. I’m not suggesting this is a small niche group either… pretty much everyone I’ve personally met has a screenshot or two, or a whole album of them, to commemorate their time with a game, and to reinforce their fond memories.

    Hopefully there is some “middle ground” that ArenaNet can program in without excessive effort being spent on it. It will likely depend on how flexible the “camera” is for the game in the first place. Perhaps something like a function key that when depressed temporarily removes your character render from view without actually changing the camera’s perspective, allowing us to take our photos, and then releasing that button to have the character render return and continue play?

    It’s not a “deal breaker” for me, and I doubt it is for anyone really but, it sure would be nice if some sort of accommodation could be made… I mean, after all, they ARE going to such effort to make the vistas in game “picture worthy”… it would be a shame if they didn’t include the ability to take those pictures for the players.


    • paeroka says:

      I always scroll out as far as possible, actually. I get motion sickness pretty fast when I’m too close to my character’s back or in first person view. Still, I don’t want to have my character in all my screenshots. People might be interested in seeing the scenery but not necessarily in seeing my character about a zillion times. ;)

      It’s not a deal breaker for me either. But it would dampen my enthusiasm about the pretty world when I can’t “take pictures” of it the way I want. I’d love to see something like a “screenshot mode” where my character can be temporarily made invisible or whatever.


      • ArcherAvatar says:

        We probably shouldn’t worry about this too much… Rubi would have commented on this to the DEVs while she was there, and besides that, the folks at ArenaNet seem to be taking into account a lot of factors. At this point in the development cycle they probably have higher priority parts of the game they are working on, and something like this will most likely be addressed further down the road since it doesn’t actually affect gameplay.


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