How to get LotRO plugins to work

Update September, 16, 2013: This guide is not up to date anymore! I don’t play Lotro much these days and disabled all plugins. Also, in the meantime, Turbine has added a plugin manager of their own.


I’ve written this guide for my kin and thought I’d put it up here as well in case others are curious about plugins in LotRO but don’t know how to start.

My recommendation so far is: Plugin Manager, Buffbars and Palantir. All links are found in the text. The sites with the plugins also explain what the plugins do (n short: Plugin Manager loads other plugins, Buffbars shows buffs and debuffs on you, Palantir creates a morale/power hud around your character).

1) You need to download the file “Beta_LuaPlugins“.

2) Go to your “documents” folder and find “The Lord of the Rings Online” there. This is also where your screenshots are stored by default. Click it. Create the folder “Plugins“.

3) Extract the downloaded Beta_LuaPlugins into “Plugins” – those files are very important as lots of plugin-makers make use of the files Turbine put in there.

4) Download the addons that you want. – there’s a search box at the top right. Enter “Plugin Manager” and you see a list of plugin managers. Choose one. I currently use this one:

(Note: I read that some plugins need to be loaded in a specific order. That is, plugin B won’t work if it was loaded after plugin A, so you’d need a plugin manager that has the ability to change the loading order. Buffbars and Palantir have no problems there, however! And I haven’t tried any other plugin managers, so I can’t say which one’s good or not.)

5) Download Buffbars:

6) Download Palantir:

7) Extract the Plugin Manager, Buffbars and Palantir into your “Plugins” folder. The folder should then have the following subfolders: DigitalUtopia (contains Palantir), Shady (with the Manager inside), PengorosPlugins (Buffbars inside), Turbine and TurbinePlugins.

8) Do the following to load all installed plugins with just a click whenever you log into any of your LotRO characters and want to load all of your plugins: Log into the game. Take away the skill icon in 1 (the skill you activate by pressing “1” on your keyboard). Type: /shortcut 1 /plugins load manager – Take the created alias and put it somewhere on your bars. Put the skill back to slot 1. ;)

9) Click on the alias. It should now list Palantir and Buffbars in the chat window as well as say “loaded plugin manager”. This indicates that everything went well and all plugins are activated. You may need to type /man and check the addons you want (Palantir and Buffbars in this case. The others were made by Turbine and at least their OneBag-plugin isn’t working correctly. So better leave those unchecked)

By typing /buffbars optionen you should get a window that allows you to customise buffbars. It’s in German because it was made by a German who didn’t translate it to English. ;)

By typing /palantir options you should get a window to customise Palantir. I really love having the percentage numbers of my morale and power next to my character. Especially as I need the percentage of moral to know whether I can use one of my skills or not. I don’t like those bars too much. So, in “Main”, under “Player Vitals” I choose 0.00 bar opacity and they’re invisible. :) You can also move the debuff bar further down or up (debuff bar – vertical position).

Both plugins have a bar that allows you to put a potion in them for each debuff type. For example, healing draughts for wound debuffs. I’m using the one that comes with Palantir. You might prefer Buffbars or none at all. If you don’t want the one with Buffbars, disable it: “Schnellleiste“, “Allgemeines“: uncheck “zulassen” and it’s gone.

By typing /man you open the plugins manager. You see some more plugins listed. Those were made by Turbine as example plugins. You can check the box and then apply or uncheck and apply etc.

Hopefully, that’s all and everything works on your end. :)

In the meantime, I’ve also tested – a plugin to show you which items you can turn in for tasks. LOVE it! And I got that one to work within a minute. /bzb toggle will show you the window on top. Cnt > 0 shows you all tasks for which you have at least one item. Cnt > N shows you all tasks which you can hand in at least once. My Lvl only shows those tasks that your character can hand it (because of his/her level) and All Lvl shows you all tasks for all levels even if your character can’t hand in the task. It’s very useful when you’re sick of not knowing whether to sell certain trophy items or hold on to them.