1. Very, very nice article man!

    You know, I played WoW from 2007 till 2011 almost in hardcore mode, +10k acihevs, tank raider, 6 85 lvls etc, but Blizzard seems to not take care of players in any means and WoW community became more and more stupid, juvenile and greed, you hardly find a nice group to chat and laugh, always hate and angry.

    Rift I play for quite a few months, and yeah, the calss style is definitely swesome, you can do whaterever you feel like and want, of course that if you want top results you’ll have a ‘table’ to choose from, but you don’t need to.

    Now Lotro, I’m playing for a month or so and… it gets me, all the way. I’m so into the game by now that I already bought Isengard exp and I feel playing it many many time yet to come. :)

    Nice article indeed.


    1. Thank you! :)

      I also found Lotro refreshingly different from other MMOs. It seems a lot more slow-paced. Of course, you can raid there as well. But it just has a different kind of atmosphere around everything. :)


  2. I was thinking here with me paeroka. Do you ever though in doing a Allods review?

    I still play Allods with friends here and there (but on a brazilian server) and, yeah, I admit, it’s a wow clone, but on a F2P game the quality is really amazing. And they just released a new Exp ‘Game Of Gods’.


    See you on the next posts :)


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