Guild Wars Screenshot

So how many of our readers have already noticed our new background image? And furthermore: How many people can tell me where this picture was taken? Unfortunately, we have nothing to hand out for a potential winner this time. ;) Although… what about a gold or 50 on Evernight in LotRO? Ah yes right, wrong game. ^^

I can’t wait to see Guild Wars 2! Although they won’t have the Factions and Nightfall regions in it in the beginning, I do hope they – or other interesting regions – will be added with content updates. :)


  1. It is a nice background. I want to say Turai’s Procession because of the colors, but I don’t remember the water.

    I think the most interesting areas will be underwater. I can’t wait to see how they present the environment of the various depths for us to explore.


    1. Funny. I thought the water would give it away. ;)

      It is Turai’s Procession. When you leave Sunspear Sanctuary and make a turn to the left, there it is. I’d chosen it because of its colours, though. :)

      I’m not too happy about underwater areas because I have some kind of underwater phobia. But I can still imagine it’ll be gorgeous to look at (from a distance, at least ;) )!


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