Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (May 15)

Welcome to Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! We’re going to share a few interesting thoughts, facts, rumours etc. with this Geekwatch (which will hopefully be a weekly thing… depending on whether we’ll actually have some interesting links to share).

Guild Wars 2:
Just one little thing today: Walking will be implemented when the game comes out. Roleplayers are probably very happy to hear about that!

LotRO (Some interesting links):
Inofficial LotRO community: It was started because some of the European players were concerned about possible censoring on Turbine’s forums. All LotRO players are welcome, though! Not just Europeans.
Children of Thain is our kinship, playing on Evernight (EU). We’re a social kinship above all else. We value talking and joking with each other more than raiding or grouping. Yes, grouping happens (raiding doesn’t, though) but having fun in the game is most important. If you play on Evernight and fun doesn’t equal raiding only for you, then feel free to check us out. :)
Cosmetic LotRO: A blog showing different outfits with different themes, colour compositions etc.

Migration from European Lotro (Codemasters) to Lotro Global (Turbine) – FAQ etc.
Remember that all EU codes will become invalid on June 1!. Of course, codes you’ve already entered will stay valid. But unused ones won’t work anymore after the merge! We will only need one client, though. So there’s no need to worry or already download the US client or anything. Just wait for the merge, start your client and let it patch! Once we’re “over there” (literally, since the servers will be located in the US), we will also finally be able to enjoy Update 3. Apart from the Transition FAQ, I can also recommend another thread where Sapience (US Community Manager) answered quite a lot of questions. It might be easier just to browse through his last postings, however.

~ Bookahnerk & Paeroka

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