LotRO Giveaway – We present the winner!

Wow. We’ve had a lot of people participating and we regret not having bought more of those bundles. :( So, unfortunately, there’s only one person who can win. But we hope you’ll still have fun in LotRO even if you didn’t win the codes here today! :)

We made a list with all people participating which you can see here:

Each person has a number in front of their name. At first, I wanted to be boring, cut those names, make little paper balls and have bookahnerk draw one to determine who wins. But his idea was better. He has a ton of dice and two of them are just perfect for something like that.

Excuse the crappy picture quality. They were taken with my mobile phone. I can’t remember where I put the batteries for my digital camera. ;) The first and second pictures show *example* rolls (we didn’t have people with those numbers anyway ;) ). First is a 86, second is a 64. Neat, eh? ;)

So, after making sure the dice are working properly, we did the real roll tonight.

More in the video:

Congratulations to our winner, Kmin, and thank you all for participating! :)

14 thoughts on “LotRO Giveaway – We present the winner!

  1. Kmin says:

    God, I can’t believe it – I won! :D Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! :D I can’t believe in my luck :) Angmar, Moria – here I come! :]


    • paeroka says:

      You should have received my email with the codes. It’d be great if you could confirm it, just so we know everything went well there. ;)

      Have fun!


    • paeroka says:

      Faya, Maneki and Zzeno also confirmed that the European MoM box still contains Lothlorien. So hopefully, it’ll also still be there after our merge. ;)


      • Galenas says:

        Just a side note, there is an easy way to tell if it’s included on the Turbine side. Login to the game and check the store to see if Loth is offered.

        Of course the caveat to this comment is that they won’t be able to check until after the transition to Turbine servers. Personally I think it will be included coming from the EU as long as that code is applied before the “official” transition. The info is held in the account and they can’t just deny it for a reason of “we in the US had a cutoff date”…LOL. That would be laughable and fraud all at the same time.


        • Kmin says:

          Last time I checked there was no Lothlorien in the store – I guess it means it’s still added to MoM then :) Thanks for the info Galenas :)


  2. Kmin says:

    Hello again everyone :)

    I have a question. I’ve read that “VIP time is only able to be activated if you’ve never purchased anything” – does this mean I won’t be upgraded to a VIP if I bought, e.g. riding skill in the game store (bought with points from deeds, not real money)?

    Thanks in advance for the answer :)


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