LotRO Giveaway (Shadows of Angmar + Mines of Moria)

We still have a game bundle here and we’d like to give the two codes away. They’re for LotRO Shadows of Angmar and Mines of Moria. Only ONE person will get both codes. We’re not going to split them. While we do have the boxes, we’ll only send you an email with both the codes. That way, we save postage and you’ll definitely get the codes (one can never really trust the postal service… *cough*).

It’s for Codemasters’ service which, come June, will switch to Turbine. Once that happens, all UNUSED codes will become invalid. So the codes we have are only valid for less than a month. And until then, we’d like to find a new home for them. ;)

All you have to do is comment here and tell us why you want them. We’d very much prefer if you’re either a player who doesn’t have an account yet or one who only has a free account. Not one who wants a second account or who’s already bought lots of stuff anyway (like the warden and runekeeper class, etc.).

You don’t have to be European in order to get the codes! Come June, the service will transfer over to Turbine anyway, the servers will be stationed in the USA and we’ll all apparently be able to create characters on US and EU servers (see here and here). If you win these codes, you’ll have to create the account at LotRO Europe (and, as mentioned, before June 1 or they’ll become invalid)! After the merge, you’ll hopefully be free to create characters on US servers if you prefer those. :)

With those 2 codes you’ll get:
– 30 days of VIP time (only if you’ve never bought anything before!) – and after that, you’ll be a “premium player” (see here)
– 2 new classes (Runekeeper + Warden)
– 2 extra character slots
– quest packs Moria + Lothlorien (“should be” included: http://twitter.com/#!/Faya_/status/67887343431983104)
– skirmish soldier max trait rank 15

(Argh! It actually wasn’t that easy to find out what you get to keep with MoM after your VIP time. I hope the list above is correct. If I forgot anything, feel free to comment and add whatever’s missing!)

Please make sure to enter a valid email address when commenting here as we’ll contact you through that email address! All valid comments posted before May 14, 21h (9pm) GMT+1 (Paris Time) will be considered for the drawing.

Edit: You can also comment if you’d like the code for a family member, friend, significant other,… :)

Edit 2 – About Lothlorien: After a comment here and my unsuccessful google search, I put “Lothlorien” in brackets because it seems to not be clear whether Lothlorien is a part of the boxed version or not. Moria alone is pretty big, though, so I think it’s still very much worth it (and still saves money, after all ^^). Thanks, Crell!
Players don’t seem to know about it either. I haven’t been able to find a definite “yes” or “no” for Codemasters. It seems to not be included with Turbine anymore. But for Codemasters, I see the argument that it’s advertised on the box “2 new regions: Moria and Lothlorien”. For now, I just assume they took it out! :(
Edit (May 10): According to Faya, Lothlorien should be included. http://twitter.com/#!/Faya_/status/67887343431983104

Edit 3 (May 10): Just to point that out because it might not be clear (and it is confusing… ^^): If you’re a free player with Codemasters currently, there’s no problem upgrading this account with the codes we have. If you’re currently playing with a Turbine account, however, you will have to make a NEW account under Codemasters. In June, all Codemasters accounts will be transferred over to Turbine, so you will then be able to play on US servers, too (at least, that’s what Sapience said they’re trying to do). You will NOT be able to merge the Codemasters account with an existing Turbine one!

Edit (May 14): The Eurovision Song Contest just started. In other words: It’s 9pm GMT+1. The giveaway is closed, we’re going to draw the winner soon.


  1. I’ve been playing LOTRO since January and I’m have now a character in moria, and the pack it’s impossible to find here. I’ve been earning exp defeating monsters and it’s too hard without quests. I can’t send money or use swifts travels in the stable cause i’ve never been a VIP, so, I think It would be great for me. I think it would be a huge change. I wish you send me the codes, and thanks anyway.


  2. Hey, thanks for giving us this opportunity ;). I’ve been playing LotRO for about two to three weeks now at the behest of my brother and some of his and my friends. They’ve been having a game night every tuesday which usually involves us doing quests and skirmishes together and just generally screwing around. This is pretty awesome for me because its pretty much the only real interaction I get with him aside from the occasional phone call – he is currently a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

    Anyhow, we are closely approaching a level range where we would be wanting to purchase some new content. I don’t have the time or cash to spend on grinding or buying the Mines of Moria quest pack, though everyone else will be getting it. So, it’d be nice for me to be able to continuing playing with them and doing stuff other than just skirmishes – those get boring after a while.

    Thanks, and good luck to the other entrants.


  3. i found lotro just before xmas 2010,since then i cant get enough.
    it is a remarkably absorbing game with such vivid representations of middle earth.
    unfortunately im not gonna be in the position to subscribe to this wonderful piece of software heaven.
    this makes it a much harder game to play and enjoy.forever trudging the long way between towns and locations,but there is always something pretty to look at in lotro, from the light airy valley of rivendell to the dark hole known as moria.
    the main thing i’ve enjoyed so far is how generous they have been to us free 2 play players.i’d advise anyone to give it a try


  4. Started playing lotro less than a week ago as f2p, and been looking all over the place to buy those boxes where I live, but they are all sold out.

    So I would like to participate in this contest :)

    Best Regards


  5. I love this game and would love to get codes it would help me great in the game. Because you never can get enough turbine points. And then you are left with grind, grind and grind when there are so much other things in the game to enjoy.


  6. ive been playing lotro since before christmas ist the best game ive played for a long time but can only get so far on free play as im a full time carer for my wife and cant aford the vip package but would love to go on further i would love the free pass codes to lotro love & peace craig


  7. I started playing LOTRO after the F2P transition, and I enjoy it immensely, but I haven’t managed to gather enough TP to afford the huge Moria pack, so this would be a perfect chance to enter the mines. And trying out a warden (well… even a rune-keeper) might be interesting experience too.


  8. I’ve been playing LOTRO since february, I’ve played as a free player 100% all the time, with all the great challenges that this implies. A few weeks ago I finally reached the maximun level (65 for the moment). Im the only member of my kinship who has achieved this. It is not very complicated, but requires some “patience” (maybe rank 15 or 16 xD)

    This is my story (in the short version, of course). As everyone I want the codes for save some money (and who doesn’t? xD), but at the same time to continue with the legend of Varrot “The first man to cross the Middle-earth without spending single copper coin” (neither dollars, euros or pounds as well xD)

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity ^^


  9. I`m playing free and not have the means to buy expansions or pay monthly fee. So i thank you for this chance and hope to get it.
    Thanks again for chance.


  10. I`m just starting with free to play, so i like to get codes if i have a chance. and so far i think its fantastic game.


  11. I started playing about four weeks ago and had a lot of fun so far. But my hunter is now running out of quests so it would be really great if I’d get those two codes.


  12. I have a 38 lvl hunter on a free acount and it’s impossible to grind!I really need those codes.


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