LotRO: Ready to move

My little hobbit’s packed her bags and is now waiting for June 1 to move from Codemasters to Turbine. The European community is also wide awake and asking a ton of questions.

One very important one was answered today: The European RP servers will still be supported after the move! That’s great news! I never understood why Turbine doesn’t have RP servers. I figured maybe it’s because they’d like to see RP on all their servers which, in my ideal world, would work perfectly. But from what I hear, there are always people who think it’s their job to make fun of RPers (which seems to happen in other MMOs as well). And it’s probably a lot easier for the RPers to just gather on one or two server(s) so they can find RP-partners easily.

Anyway. Another issue I’ve seen is that some Europeans are concerned about Turbine’s forums. I haven’t posted much in Codemasters’ forums, so I can’t say much about it. There are two big concerns: 1) Turbine censors and deletes postings that criticise them and their game (seen here), 2) they don’t allow off-topic conversations and lock topics when they become off-topic (as in: the main content of the conversation isn’t LotRO anymore) and European players are used to talking about other stuff and that’s what makes them a gaming community (note: I read that on the forums. I don’t know how much of that is true and, most of all, I don’t know how much that happens or doesn’t happen on Turbine’s forums!) – as seen here.

As a result, an inofficial LotRO forum was started. I quote the admin: “Well, let’s say we’re a bit less sensitive when it comes to criticism. That’s not an unlimited access pass to troll and curse though. You can get banned here too.”

Zzeno, producer at Codemasters, also invites the players to use Codemasters’ MMO forum to continue talking to each other after the transition.

Either way, I think it’s great to see the gaming community not only complain but also do something about it. :)

What do you think?

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