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Asuran Madness!

When the playable races for Guild Wars 2 were first announced, I was a bit “meh” about Asuras at first. I usually like playing the tiny races. In this case, it took a while until I really loved the Asuras.

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Character Design: Star Trek Online

I bought Star Trek Online about a week ago for 3,50€ at Amazon. Yesterday, it was on sale at Steam for 2,75€. A friend and bookahnerk both bought this version and I was a bit jealous when I saw that

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“Convenience, not advantage” – still the LotRO Freemium-model?

When Turbine changed its subscription model to “free to play” (I like calling it “freemium” to differentiate it from the usual “f2p” models which only have item shops but no way to pay a subscription) players were worried about the

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Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (May 25)!

Welcome to Bookahneer’s Geekwatch! The place mainly about LotRO, Guild Wars 2 and any other interesting things related to gaming (hopefully weekly… depending on whether we’ll actually have some interesting links to share). Age of Conan is adopting a hybrid

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Guild Wars Screenshot

So how many of our readers have already noticed our new background image? And furthermore: How many people can tell me where this picture was taken? Unfortunately, we have nothing to hand out for a potential winner this time. ;)

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