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Guild Wars 2 Video Contest

ArenaNet has started a video contest. You have one minute to tell everybody why people should play the game. Now, I’m not creative in that sense, so I won’t participate. But it’s a nice thing and the first prize sounds

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Loriot – Jodeldiplom

I called my warden’s javelin “was Eigenes”. Doesn’t make much sense to non-Germans who don’t know Loriot. But I tried to explain it to a fellow kinmate and found this awesome video with English subtitles. Loriot is a genius. Might

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Edge of Destiny

I finally finished reading the second Guild Wars 2 book “Edge of Destiny” today. At first, I didn’t like it as much as I liked the first book (from the way it was written) but then it sucked me into

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Race and class combinations

So it seems that Guild Wars 2 will allow every race-class combination which is great from a playability standpoint. No class will be underrepresented just because people don’t like the race it’s associated with. I usually really love playing unusual

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In eigener Sache… ;)

Children of Thain is a casual and social kinship with a strong focus on the social aspects of the game. While we do enjoy ingame content we also grave the opportunity to talk with our fellow kinmates and share ideas,

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