Guild Wars 2 Video Contest

ArenaNet has started a video contest. You have one minute to tell everybody why people should play the game. Now, I'm not creative in that sense, so I won't participate. But it's a nice thing and the first prize sounds great! And... yeah... it's also a nice promotion for Guild Wars 2 (though probably not … Continue reading Guild Wars 2 Video Contest

Loriot – Jodeldiplom

I called my warden's javelin "was Eigenes". Doesn't make much sense to non-Germans who don't know Loriot. But I tried to explain it to a fellow kinmate and found this awesome video with English subtitles. Loriot is a genius. Might not be everybody's humour but I really adore him. :oD

Edge of Destiny

I finally finished reading the second Guild Wars 2 book "Edge of Destiny" today. At first, I didn't like it as much as I liked the first book (from the way it was written) but then it sucked me into the story completely. I couldn't put it away today until I was finished reading it. … Continue reading Edge of Destiny

Race and class combinations

So it seems that Guild Wars 2 will allow every race-class combination which is great from a playability standpoint. No class will be underrepresented just because people don't like the race it's associated with. I usually really love playing unusual combinations. I don't absolutely need to have an unusual combination but so far, I seem … Continue reading Race and class combinations

In eigener Sache… ;)

Children of Thain is a casual and social kinship with a strong focus on the social aspects of the game. While we do enjoy ingame content we also grave the opportunity to talk with our fellow kinmates and share ideas, opinions and stories. If you don't take the game too seriously and just want to … Continue reading In eigener Sache… ;)

Rift vs. LotRO

I'm finally finished with my exams and thus, with university. Now, this blog isn't about my private non-gaming life, so I won't talk about that anymore. This weekend, however, I told myself I'd spend it gaming. Whenever I thought about it in the last 8 weeks (yearning for the carefree weekend without worrying about passing … Continue reading Rift vs. LotRO

The importance of a fitting guild/kinship

On April 1, I left my LotRO kinship. No, it was no April Fools Joke. I was an officer but I decided to leave. So did another officer and the former second-in-command. No hard feelings about the kinship on our side. It had all begun dawning on us that it's time to leave when a … Continue reading The importance of a fitting guild/kinship

Random screenshot

As weird as the character models might the look, the scenery of LotRO is gorgeous! This is the view from the colossus on the bridge in Evendim (King's Crossing).