Guild Wars 2 Video Contest

ArenaNet has started a video contest. You have one minute to tell everybody why people should play the game.

Now, I’m not creative in that sense, so I won’t participate. But it’s a nice thing and the first prize sounds great! And… yeah… it’s also a nice promotion for Guild Wars 2 (though probably not that cheap ^^).

I found one which I think it nicely done. It’s more than 7 minutes long, so it’s not for said contest but it’s still nice and summarizes what I’m interested in as well! :)

Loriot – Jodeldiplom

I called my warden’s javelin “was Eigenes”. Doesn’t make much sense to non-Germans who don’t know Loriot. But I tried to explain it to a fellow kinmate and found this awesome video with English subtitles. Loriot is a genius. Might not be everybody’s humour but I really adore him. :oD

Edge of Destiny

I finally finished reading the second Guild Wars 2 book “Edge of Destiny” today. At first, I didn’t like it as much as I liked the first book (from the way it was written) but then it sucked me into the story completely. I couldn’t put it away today until I was finished reading it.

While reading it, I noticed that Asuras “waddle”. And I remembered that one GW2 video that showed Asuras jumping and walking, so I looked for it on their website. And only then did I realise that this very video actually showed the protagonists of the book. SO cool! I can’t wait to walk through this world and be a part of it.

(And I love the Asuras so much that by now, I’m willing to not play an warrior as my main but rather a magical class just to have a fitting class for my Asura… I think they’re by far the coolest race, followed by Sylvari which is funny because at first, I thought they’re too “elf like” and I don’t like elves that much… ;) But instead, they’re innocently naive and brutally honest – which I think are great characteristics in this combination).

Race and class combinations

So it seems that Guild Wars 2 will allow every race-class combination which is great from a playability standpoint. No class will be underrepresented just because people don’t like the race it’s associated with.

I usually really love playing unusual combinations. I don’t absolutely need to have an unusual combination but so far, I seem to have fallen in love with the them quite often and I like that.

(Seen in picture on the left: My female dwarf rogue in WoW – most unusual combination? At least the runner-up, I’m sure ^^)

I’ve been thinking what I want to play when Guild Wars 2 released. I’m currently playing a warrior in Guild Wars and would really love to play that class as my main again. But I want an Asura! And I’m sure that it’ll not be the most popular combination (not with Norn and Charr around). So it could be perfect… except that this time and with this game, I’ve actually read more about the lore than I have about other games and it seems so unfitting to choose an Asura warrior. Wouldn’t it be an affront to my future Asura to make her a warrior? Wouldn’t she rather use her brain instead of her muscles?

There’s only one solution to it: The two unrevealed classes just have to be so great that I’ll toss the warrior aside and want to have one of those as my main (and, of course, it’ll be a class that uses spells or… anything tricky? instead of pure muscles).

And I’m sure all of this sounds totally irrelevant to those people who just play whichever combination is best and don’t care about the way their character looks. To be honest, I never understood why those people even play MMORPGs which are, at least for me, virtual worlds in which I virtually live and breathe. But that’s a different topic and to each their own. ;) I’d just like to end my little dilemma and either know that in the lore there are great Asuran warriors who care more about pure muscle power or that the next two classes are going to be great ones for my future little Asura girl. ;)

In eigener Sache… ;)

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