Rift’s German translation

Since the bug’s still there and doesn’t let me see all auctions, I decided to switch to the German client for a while. I read on the forums that the German translation is apparently awful and only half done. But whiners are everywhere. So I decided to see for myself.

And what I saw was… confusing? Which firm’s translating that? I’d really like to know. I read somewhere that it’s apparently a firm that’s known for translating French. But who knows if that’s accurate.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot for your viewing pleasure:

For the non-German speakers: In the crafting interface, the item’s called “Kupfer-Armreif” which translates to copper bracelet. It is, however, a necklace. Bad enough per se. But crafting the item results in a “Kupferlasso” (= copper lasso). Both are obviously not right. ;)

Iron bars are called “iron bars” and yes, we actually do have a German word for such an item. ^^ So all in all, from what I’ve seen, I can understand that German players aren’t too happy. It looks amateurish which is sad for such a good (and generally bug free) game! I’m more amused than angry. But I can speak English fluently, so I have no problems understanding Denglish.

I think I’m staying with the German client for a while. It’s amusing to read and I’d like to see how fast the translations are corrected/finished.

What I do love, however, is how easy it is to switch between languages and regions! If only having an English client on a German server worked better, I’d be 100% satisfied.

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